Don't just add degrees, add value to your resume.

I have seen a pattern over and over for last ten years. People who do post-graduation get similar salaries to what graduates get. This naturally infuriates them, "Two years gone to s**t."

The real question remains - Does that extra degree do any good to the people who hire you? 
Sadly, in most cases, the answer is:


On the other hand, consider someone who spends three to six months on learning a skill that is in demand. Their resume will look appeal much more to...

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6 ways to stand out and get hired quickly

Employers are no more interested in just graduates. They have a lot of options. Overcrowding of graduates scrambling for jobs has made sure of that.
If you want to stand out, you have to:

Do side projects Leave a trail of your accomplishments online Make a blog Teach others Volunteer Learn skills relevant to current market needs  Think of what you have to do to level up, make a commitment to do it, and mention in the comments for the world to know.

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Why go to school?

I loved school. I am not sure why really. I wasn’t even the best student in class. Neither did I like attending most of the classes. But I tried never to miss school.

Why? It was definitely not food. Maybe I just liked to play with friends. Maybe I could learn more from teachers than just books alone. Maybe because I wasn’t exposed to the internet then.

The truth is that the world is changing very rapidly. In last 100 years, we have seen more changes than, perhaps, combined 20000...

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Maths is weird, and fun [ongoing]

Maths has surprised me many times. I am listing some of the weird things I remember:

Useful Maths Amount doubles itself in 7.2/r where r is the rate of interest per annum Checking Divisibility Division by 2: If the last number is even, the number divides with 2 Division by 3: If the sum of all digits is divisible by 3, the number is divisible by 3 Ex: 23598 => 2+3+5+9+8 = 27. Since 3 divides 27. 23598 is divisible by 3 Division by 4: If last two digits divide by 4, the number is...

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Gamifying Education [7 ways to make learning fun]

Have you ever noticed how people slog away on a single level of a game like Candy Crush?
Many of these same individuals don’t consider themselves as persevering and won’t slog away in similar fashion in their academics or real life.

Why is that?

How can these games make someone work so hard even though they don’t consider themselves a hard worker?
How can we use some of these principles to design better learning experience?

Here are some of the...

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6 reasons why you don't need to go to college

College education is expensive. Parents pay through their teeth to see their children graduate and study further. Is it really worth it? 

You need to go to college if: You want to mingle socially. College is supposed to be fun. You want to pass the minimum hiring criteria for most companies. You don’t know what you want to do. The College is a good option, by default. You are doing poorly in academics. That sounds counterintuitive but may be true for most. If you can’t figure out...

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Why train students for "I don't know"?

If someone wants your opinion about something you are not confident about, what would you say?

If you think the answer is "I don’t know"... you would be right.

However, that’s not what our usual response is to the questions to which we don’t know. At least, that’s what the mountain of research evidence says.

In an experiment, 75% of the children and 25% of the adults said "Yes" or "No" to the questions to which there was no answer i.e. the expected answer was "I don’t...

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Learn 5x fast - Flow for Education

Flow is a state of mind where you are focused, efficient, and effective all at the same time. If you are writing, words just come out of you. If you are creating art, creativity pours out of you. If you are running, you feel light, almost as if you are gliding. Time flies by, your self vanishes, you don’t get tired. You feel high, almost as if on drugs, except that there is no hangover. 

When you are in flow, you get all the pleasure from doing the act itself, and not by some future...

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Plan ahead and organize

I never planned when I was in school. That’s just how I rolled. Now I know what I missed. 

Myths about planning that I bought into [not anymore]

It’s not flexible It takes time It won’t work (I just knew it instinctively. Bad instincts!!) It’s all in my head.  Eh. I don’t know (sadly, the most popular) Here’s the thing. 

Give it just one day. We spend hundred of hours on candy crush and angry birds. Just spend 5 minutes (it won’t probably even take that long) to plan out...

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Intensify focus

"Your ability to work single-mindedly on your most important task will contribute as much to your success as any other discipline you can develop." -Brian Tracy

Attention span in Humans is about an average of 20 minutes. After that concentration starts to drop sharply. That’s when you see the students dozing in the class or just sit glass eyed.

In the last chapter, Build hunger for learning, we learnt techniques for generating interest which helps students to focus. In this...

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