How to train students to think

It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny.

Tony Robins At times, good, fair decisions require us to think hard and make tough choices. At times, we have to choose the best of two good options or worse, the lesser of two evils.

Thinking is hard. Therefore most people go in life on autopilot following the conventions, assuming everything they have been told, and everything they think is the "truth". People form opinions and don’t change them, even in...

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How to make students smarter by managing class time

All teachers want their students to do well. However, as humans, not all of them are willing to work hard or smart for it.
The challenge, therefore, is how to improve the result without students and teachers spending extra time.
The answer is Longer sessions and Shorter sessions. Having short sessions mean more frequent sessions. Long sessions mean less frequent sessions. therefore the total time spent overall remains same.

Most sessions (class periods) in schools are 50-60...

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How we rank teachers on

Your profile is displayed only if it’s complete and active.

If your profile is displayed, then It’s in the following order:

Premium members Profile Weight which is calculated based on Closeness to the searched subject and subjects you teach Distance from the student Quality of your profile Profile image Length of description Use of punctuation, spellings, and capitalization if you have logged in the last six months The total number of coins you have bought so far. How soon you...

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