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A semi-formal approach to engineering application of object-oriented programming. Application of the concepts of classes, inheritance, and polymorphism in engineering problems. Introduction to the use of class libraries and standard template libraries. Effective integration of the concepts of application programmer interfaces (APIs), language...

  • Yesterday
  • New Delhi, Delhi, India

need help in android programming

  • Mar 17
  • Malton, Mississauga, ON L4T, Canada

Hi ,

I need help in hibernate. I need to write namedentitygraph to improve the performance. My project performance is too slow. I need to do something to improve it. Will you able to do coding for graph if i show the files whatever I have.

  • Mar 16
  • Baltimore, MD, USA
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Need assignment help : in practice, a prominent example is required for part one (up to Section 5): the longest common subsequence (maximum k-mismatches) between 2 sequences. Another example is required for the second part (after Section 5): longest subsequence to 1 only mismatch: suffixes of suffixes….I need a written report of 20 pages, for...

  • Mar 13
  • Brussels, Belgium
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Topic: Machine Learning | Python Programming

Need help with a machine learning assignment. Here are the requirements:
- Implement Z, Probability, and LogLoss as functions in Python.

- (Bonus - optional): Can you find a library and function in Python to minimize LogLoss?

- Use (Gender, M, R, F, ItalArt) as features, and (Florence) as...

  • Mar 13
  • Oakville, ON, Canada
  • $19/hour

I have to do an application assignment on Angular and PHP. Looking for online tutor. Preferred timings are after 6pm.

  • Mar 13
  • Mar 12
  • Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I am doing A levels and my subject is computer science. I’m studying VB.Net as my programming language. Currently I’m creating a project for my coursework. I might need some assistance as I don’t know how to make some parts that I’m trying to create in my project, hence I need some help. Could you please cantact me asap, would you be able to...

  • Mar 10
  • Leicester, UK

I am looking for a tutor that can assist me with VB.Net programming language, preferably the 2010 version. I am currently assigned to do a project for my coursework at my college, and i am required to create an app. There are a few things i am struggling to resolve in this project due to the lack of knowledge about the functions and attributes in...

  • Mar 9
  • Leicester, UK

Hello, I need help in computer science coding assignment, want as soon as possible

  • Mar 8
  • 115 NW Oregon Ave, Bend, OR 97701, USA
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I am looking for some IT professionals with electronics or robotics background to help me with setting up courseware for my upcoming project for school students. This is a combination of coding and robotics and Online requirement. TIA.

  • Mar 4
  • Mar 4
  • Jogeshwari East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • $29/week

Hi, I need some help in coding a smart contract for Blockchain project for my final year project. I have an algorithm but having difficult in puting down to code.pls contact me. pls its urgent requirement

  • Mar 1
  • Dollars Colony, R.M.V. 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094, India
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Good morning,

I am looking for a teacher that has experience in image processing, that could help me in a project that consists on programming a component tree graph : max tree graph in Python.

The main goal is to program a max-tree graph applied to a gray-scale volume.

I propose 20 euros / hour for teaching fee. Please, let me know if...

  • Feb 27
  • Paris, France
  • $23/hour


I am looking for a teacher that could help me in a project that consists on programming a component tree graph : max tree graph in Python.

The main goal is to program a max-tree graph applied to a gray-scale volume.

Please, let me know if you could help me.

Thanks. Lucia

  • Feb 27
  • Paris, France
  • $28/hour

Hello, I am looking for a react tutor/teacher. I learnt the basics of
Programming and need help to review my projets. Intensive help required for 3-6 weeks (probably around 30-40 hours) Online lessons only, thank you !

  • Feb 23
  • Jing'an, Shanghai, China
  • $30/hour

I want someone who can write articles/tutorials on programming languages like Java, Oracle, Python etc.

  • Feb 20
  • Feb 19
  • New Delhi, Delhi, India

example Write a program that will do the following:

accept a 4 digit value from the virtual serial port on the Nucleo Board.
If the 4 digit value is one of the 10 pass-codes stored in an array, issue an auditory feedback signal and the text "access granted" to the serial port.
If it is not one of the 10 allowable pass-codes, issue another...

  • Feb 17
  • Brampton, ON, Canada
  • $4 (Fixed)

Needed someone urgent for Neural network using tensor flow. Deep learning (CNN, RNN) Using Python. I have a 4 week class projects so will need someone who is good in theory and coding parts.

  • Feb 14
  • Chicago Ridge, IL, USA
  • $10/hour


My name is sumali samanta. I m from mumbai. I want to learn scala coding in depeth that any kind of scala code i can understand easily and do the changes in according to the client. Looking for a Online tutor. Preferred timings are 8pm to 9pm.

  • Feb 11
  • Feb 11
  • Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • $6/hour

I need help in one my live examination of System programming. In which there's core programming, simulations of OS, C, bash script, Threadings. Major is coding.
Contact me if you're expert for every kind of programming.

  • Feb 7
  • Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

I'm looking for someone who can help me in my live examination. It's about only for Programming with C language,it's simulations with advanced topics as threading, multiple threading, process, synchronisation. Complete OS and Some Linux and Unix concept. Contact me if you're expert in programming.

  • Feb 7
  • Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy