EXCEL assignment jobs

I require help on microsoft excel homework based on: linear programming plot, critical path network diagram, decision tree analysis as well as preparing a forecast
and providing a short report on findings.

  • Apr 19
  • Southampton, UK

I wanna learn excel.

  • Apr 18
  • Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • 15 km

This is for a course work with involves data mining techniques using R. I am looking to finish this project within a week. I have an excel data set which has to be cleaned and analyzed to do further analysis using R. I have attached the project info and dataset can be obtained from the below link.

We can get the Data from the below link. We...

  • Apr 16
  • Downtown, Houston, TX, USA

I have an assignment in the course Business IT.
I need a full solution with all the excel/codes --> so I need all the documents and files.
The solution or your answer should be full and very detailed described/ explained, so I also can understand it. This includes that you also need to write and argument and comment for your answer/ solution...

  • Apr 16
  • 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
  • $15 (Fixed)

I want some data to be processed for my project. I have it on the excel sheet, I just want statistical results

  • Apr 15
  • Deonar, Govandi East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400088, India

we are looking for academic expert in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil, manufacturing, instrumentation, computer,production, aerospace,biomedical,bio mechanical,structural, architectural,electronic,micro electronics,environmental,chemical, material science, industrial, petroleum,robotics,mechatronics engineering and advance...

  • Apr 15
  • West Delhi, Delhi, India


I need you to complete a test for a Microsoft Excel Test consisting of 34 questions. The test provider is skillcheck.com

Please have a look on the website to see if you can take it for me. It's only for a libary data entry job so I shouldn't be a problem.

  • Apr 14
  • Birmingham, UK
  • $20 (Fixed)

I am looking for person who is expert in excel. I need him to teach me excel at the same time he can work part time for my office.

  • Apr 11
  • Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Extension, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi, Delhi 110091, India
  • $101/month


  • Apr 8
  • Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, India

online homework help for Applied Technical Statistics, must be really good in excel

  • Apr 2
  • Houston Heights, Houston, TX 77008, USA
  • $7/hour

Chemical Kinetics assignment help using Excel required.
Kindly contact.... please.

  • Mar 29
  • Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Looking 4 a excel expert.

  • Mar 16
  • Baguiati, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • $22 (Fixed)

Topic: Machine Learning | Python Programming

Need help with a machine learning assignment. Here are the requirements:
- Implement Z, Probability, and LogLoss as functions in Python.

- (Bonus - optional): Can you find a library and function in Python to minimize LogLoss?

- Use (Gender, M, R, F, ItalArt) as features, and (Florence) as...

  • Mar 13
  • Oakville, ON, Canada
  • $19/hour

Anyone expert in tableau. Need help with preparing dashboard and meaningful insights for business.Data is in excel with four sheets and has around 1000-2000 records.

  • Mar 12
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • $60 (Fixed)

I need help with excel vba and i have lecture notes for it

  • Mar 12
  • Portland, OR, USA
  • $120 (Fixed)

We need immidiate faculty for TALLY ERP 9 AND GST INCLUDING ADVANCE EXCEL

  • Mar 7
  • Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  • $216/month

m looking for some one who is expert in ms excel to help me to understand my project work

  • Mar 11
  • Shalibanda, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • 5 km

I need online help with macroeconomics I ( intermediate level).
Please contact me via WhatsApp

  • Apr 11
  • Prague 1, Czechia

I have a small project of VBA. I am a Share Trader. I have some formula for Trading, I need to create a macro for regular working. If anybody willingness to give me a support, Please contact.

Thanks and regards,


  • Mar 15
  • Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • $1/hour

i am looking for some who can answer the digital marketing assignment below.

The test will compose of 14 questions. Each question is an open ended question where students are assigned to answer by writing their point of view with supporting example to support your answer. Students are allowed to use the course material during the test as a...

  • Feb 25
  • Hua Mak, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240, Thailand
  • $31/hour