How to remove personal data from Google

We remove your details from TeacherOn instantly. After that Google automatically removes it after a certain time (which is random and difficult to predict). We can't control what Google and other search engines show but we can request to speed up the removal process. Here's how you do it.

For students:

Just close your post(s). Have a latte. We will request Google to remove your data immediately.

For teachers:

  • Settings at TeacherOn - You have three options to hide your profile from Search engines in
    1. Delete profile - You lose all your data and coins and nobody can contact you. 
    2. Inactivate profile - Nobody can contact you but you can reactivate whenever you want. All your data and coins remain intact.
    3. Hide profile from google - You remain active at and students can find you on our website. However, your profile will not show up on Google.
  • Settings at Google
    • If you are not in a hurry: Once you have chosen one of the settings above, we will request Google to remove your data but the time it takes them to do it is unpredictable. So...
    • If you are in a hurry: You can speed up the removal process using Google URL removal tool. Here are the steps:
      1. Copy the link of your TeacherOn profile. 
      2. Go to Google URL removal tool.
      3. Paste your profile URL in the given box and submit.
      4. Wait for Google to remove your data and have a smoothie.

Happy Learning!!

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