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Sample Questions and Answers on Management Theory image

Three sample questions and their detailed answers on the subject of Management Theory, touching on topics of management information systems, culture and resistance to change.

Detailed Notes on Depression image

Detailed Notes on Depression focusing on Social Psychological and Socio-Cognitive Perspectives on Depression. The notes contain the various sociopsychological factors affecting depression and socio-psychological...

Detailed Notes on Positive Organization Behaviour image

Detailed Notes on Positive Organization Behaviour and its capacities including hope, confidence, resilience, optimism and psychological capacity. The notes are five pages long and references are cited at the end.

Detailed notes on Schizophrenia and Treatments image

Detailed Notes on Schizophrenia, Pathophysiology, Etiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Treatments. The notes are nine pages long and include references.

PowerPoint Presentation on Pareto Principle image

Powerpoint Presentation on Pareto Principle, its practical applications, Pareto Analysis, Pareto Diagram and the advantages and disadvantages of this principle.

Simple Notes on Teams in Organizations image

Simple and straightforward notes on teams as they are described in organization behaviour and management, the various challenges to teams and strategies to overcome them.