[CHEATSHEET] A* CIE A-Level Economics (9708) All Important Diagrams For A-level Economics!

By Wilfred Ang
AS level, A2 level, A level
Study Guide, Cheatsheet
Language used:

Cambridge CIE A Level Economics 9708 (UPDATED TO 2023-2025 SYLLABUS)

My grades:

  • 4A* for both AS and A2
  • First-class honours for BSc Economics from the University of Warwick


  • Get a comprehensive cheatsheet containing all important diagrams for A level Economics, to be used in Papers 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • They are very concise and sure to help boost your learning and understanding of the various diagrams involved in A-Level Economics
  • Easy to remember

Get your A* grade in A-level Economics now!!

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