Mastering Pakistan Studies: History, Geography, Culture, and Administrative Structure

By Tutor Sohail
Pakistan Studies (AKUEB), Pakistan studies, Pakistan Studies and Pakistan History, Pakistan studies FBISE, Social Studies (SST)
Grade 10, O level, Grade 11, Grade 12, Bachelors/Undergraduate
Handouts, PPT/Presentation, Exercises and Solutions
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Why download and study these study materials?

The key content areas focused in the syllabus will help you participate in real-world scenarios and higher education by fostering the knowledge of following key areas of Pakistan.

  1. The Idea of Pakistan and its Historical Background
  2. Constitutional Development in Pakistan
  3. Administrative Structure of Pakistan and Good Governance
  4. Cultural Heritage of Pakistan
  5. Economic Planning and Development in Pakistan
  6. National Integration and Prosperity
  7. Foreign Policy of Pakistan

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