Periodic Table (Classification of Elements - Periodicity in Properties)

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Chemistry, Periodic table
Grade 11, AS level, A2 level, A level, Grade 12
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The following lucid content of this lecture series on 'Modern Periodic Table' is highly useful for Grades 11 - 12 & AS - A level students.

Lecture-1 Content:
- Modern Periodic Law
- Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties
- Parts of Periodic Table : s block , p block , d block , f block
- Electronic configuration of elements in s block , p block , d block , f block
- Variation in properties as a function of outer most electronic configuration of elements
- Variation of atomic radius across the periods and down the groups

Lecture-2 Content:
- Ionization Energy or Ionization Enthalpy (IE)
- Factors affecting IE
- Periodic trends in IE, and cases with off-trends

Lecture-3 Content:

- Electron Gain Enthalpy (∆H) & Electronegativity
- Factors affecting ∆H
- Periodic trends in ∆H, and cases with off-trends


The Classnotes for these lectures have also been made available here as pdf files. However, I suggest the students to prepare their own classnotes while going through the lecture content.

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