Machine Learning With Python - Data Wrangling and Handling Numerical Data

By Dr. Prerna's Computer Science(IT) Store
Machine learning Python, Machine learning projects
Beginner, Intermediate, Bachelors/Undergraduate, Masters/Postgraduate, Doctorate/PhD
Activity, Laboratory, Project
Language used:

This project uses Python to clean the dataset. Here, the dataset has undergone data cleaning and is prepared for use with machine learning algorithms. It includes:

  • Creating a Data Frame

  • Describing the Data

  • Navigating Dataframes

  • Selecting Row Based Conditionals

  • Replacing Values

  • Renaming Columns

  • Finding The Minimum and maximum. Sum, Average, and Count

  • Finding Unique Values

  • Handling Missing Values

  • Deleting a Column

  • Deleting a Row

  • Dropping Duplicate rows

  • Group Rows by Values and Time

  • Looping over a Column

  • Applying a Function Over All Elements in a Column

  • Applying a Function to Groups

  • Concatenating DataFrames

  • Merging DataFrames

  • Rescaling a Feature

  • Standardizing a Feature

  • Transforming Features

  • Detecting Outliers

  • Handling Outliers

  • Deleting Observations with Missing Values

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