Critical thinking quick notes/course

By Amit Jethani
Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning
Expert, AS level, A level, Bachelors/Undergraduate, Masters/Postgraduate
Lecture, Lessons, Scaffolded Notes

The course structure contains basic knowledge with examples pertaining to deductive/inductive reasoning. Evaluation of deductive and inductive argument based on validity and soundness/ strength and cogency. We have also covered formal and informal fallacies revision with examples. All 22 informal fallacies with examples are covered. (Appeal to pity, appeal to force, appeal to people, appeal against a person/ ad hominem, accident, straw man, missing the point, red herring, circular reasoning/ petito principi, hasty generalization, appeal to unqualified authority. suppressed evidence, slippery slope, false cause, complex question, composition, division, weak analogy, false dichotomy, equivocation, and amphiboly.

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