IB Microeconomics Notes (SL)

By Aloysius Lee
IB Economics SL/HL, Demand and Supply, Price elasticity of demand
Grade 11, A level, Grade 12, Diploma
Notes, Handouts
Language used:

The notes is created for my students only but is now made for you. What makes this note different from schools and other notes online are:

1. In each topic, key topics are clearly explained

2. Must know keywords, concepts.

3. Concepts are summarised. Explanation uses mind mapping methods spelt out in a logical way. Once you understand it, you don't have to memorise it. You just retain the information naturally.

5. Some past year IB questions (HL and SL) are provided at the end of each topic.

6. Complementary summary notes included for two macroeconomics topics (limited time only)

4. Highly suitable for examination revision.

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