Detailed Handwritten Notes on Relations and Functions (Precalculus

By The Maths Planet
IGCSE, GCSE, Grade 11, A level, Grade 12
Handwritten Notes
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In these detailed notes on relations and functions, you will find a comprehensive overview of fundamental mathematical concepts that form the backbone of various mathematical disciplines. Whether you're a student preparing for an exam or someone looking to refresh their knowledge, these notes will serve as a valuable resource.

Table of Contents:

1.Understanding Relations

2. Functions

3.Domain and Range

4. Types of functions

5.Operations on Functions:

•Composition of Functions

•Inverse Functions

•Evaluating functions

•Function Operations(Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)

•Piecewise functions

•Even, Odd functions

•Increasing, Decreasing & constant functions

•Local/Relative Maximum & Minimum of functions

•Absolute Maximum & Minimum of Functions

• One-to-one functions


These notes aim to provide a solid foundation in relations and functions, helping you grasp the essential concepts, solve problems, and apply them in various mathematical and real-life contexts. Whether you're studying for an exam or seeking to enhance your mathematical skills, these notes are your go-to reference.

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