Assignment on: The Aging Texas Well Strategic Plan

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For this assignment, identify a social policy that is relevant to the practice situation described in the Client/Agency Situation paper. This policy should be an existing current state or federal policy (e.g., laws, court decisions, or regulations), rather than an agency policy. Provide an overview of the policy and describe how it applies to the practice situation. Identify and describe a policy analysis model to be used to evaluate the policy and include a brief analysis of the policy using the model selected. Based on your review, provide recommendations for policymakers regarding a policy review, application, formulation, and/or revision of the policy. Discuss the social justice implications for the client situation based on the selected policy and provide an advocacy plan at the micro, mezzo, and macro level. For example, if the policy discriminates against the population related to your practice situation, provide a plan for how you might advocate for change for your individual client(s), the agency, or at the legislative level. Identify and describe one or more potential ethical or values conflict(s) related to the policy as it applies to this practice situation.

Be sure to write in APA format and to use appropriate citations for the laws/policies included in your analysis. At a minimum, you should include a citation for the policy and for the policy analysis model you have selected. Include carefully referenced literature sources including books, peer-reviewed journal articles, research studies, government documents, reports, data, and approved websites.

The body of the paper should be 3-4 pages, excluding the cover page and reference page(s).

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