Solved Problems: Control Charts, Sign Test, Regression, Hypothesis and Descriptive

By Statistics and Probability
Statistics, Probability and Statistical Inference, Regression Analysis, Control charts for variables, non parametric test
Intermediate, Expert, A level, Bachelors/Undergraduate, Masters/Postgraduate
Professional Document, Research, Teaching learning materials (TLMs), Notes
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The following documents contain the graduate and postgraduate level problems related to Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals, Regression Analysis and Inference in Regression and Correlation, Sign Test, Control Charts (Mean and Standard deviation). The analysis was performed on Minitab and the important solution outputs are attached in the solution. Explanations and interpretations are provided with each problem. Students can develop a good understanding of the given topics by solving these problems. The data files with Minitab solution are also attached.

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