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Description: This project involves using a piece of specialized software called the Financial Trading Systems System Manager ( together with Microsoft Excel to model the performance of a portfolio containing between 9 and 13 ETFs compared to the S & P 500. The ETFs must be purchased within the simulation by November 30 to provide ample time for the simulation to run. After you have done that, the assignment itself must be completed by December 7. More specific details about the assignment can be found in the attached project description.

FTS II - International Diversification with International ETFs Note: this project requires use of Excel’s Solver Objective The project objective is to create an internationally diversified portfolio of ETFs with calculations of expected risk and return. One week later, evaluate how your portfolio did versus the S&P 500. This is an optional case study and is an individual project. Navigating the FTS Platform (Software instructions): You may download the FTS platform software as follows: Install the software (PC, or MAC with Windows emulator): Once you have opened the software, use the FTS Real Time Client (New) version of the software. Choose “Download again before running.”

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