The boat letters
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By walaa ali
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How to help students distinguish between similar letters

First, I divided the letters into groups and gave each group a specific name. For example, the letters (ب،ت,ث،ن،ي )are called "boat letters" because they resemble a boat in shape.

Then, I introduced the concept of dots. How can students distinguish between the number and location of dots?

I must give each letter a specific sign or link that the student will remember the letter, its name, and its sound easily and quickly.

For example, the letter ( ب) is the English letter b, and the word "below" means "under". Therefore, "below" begins with the letter b, which is the letter ب in Arabic. The letter ب also resembles a boat, so I tell the student that the boat has a fish under it. The English word "under" begins with the letter ب in Arabic, so the letter ب has a dot under it.

This is how we help students distinguish between similar letters. We give them arguments, signs, and tricks to help them learn quickly and easily. There is no harm in having fun as well!

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