Finance, Accountancy Home teacher needed in Maheshtala

  • Maheshtala, West Bengal, India
  • 20,000/hour (241.75 USD)
  • Posted : May 27
  • Level : Bachelors/Undergraduate
  • Requires : Part Time
  • Posted by : Sandipan Chakraborty (Student )
  • Phone verified +91-**********
  • Gender Preference : None
  • Not available online
  • Available for home tutoring
  • Can travel 15 km
  • Can communicate in : English

My name is Sandipan Chakraborty

I need for two years MBA

1.) Business Communication - Communication barriers , Resume elements, types of reading, Group discuss inion, Review process, business report, types of letter.

2.) HRM - recruitment, selection , grievance, incentive,
Promotion, interview, benefits management, HR Information system,

3.) MPOB - management, it's importance, Functions of management, leadership,
Mission, vission, objective, strategy, Decesion making, ControllingControlling , attitude, team.

4.) ECONOMIC- DEMAND, Law of demand, supply law of supply, elasticity of demand and supply,
Pricing under various markets, production function, FISCAL POLICY, TYPES OF COST.

5.) FINANCE - Cash Flow statement, profit loss and balance sheet, 2 and 3 coloumn cash book, Trial balance, Accounting Principles, Cost sheet, BREAKEVEN formulas, Types of costing, (Journal is a must for all)
Comparative statement and ratio.

Statistics - Survey, MEAN Median mode of various types (focus on what is in pdf) tough questions discussed in live won't come, probability, sampling - types of sampling, index numbers, Types of Data, sources of data, Correlation , Z score probability distribution.