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  • Online JAVA, Java Programming teacher needed in London

  • Upminster, Station Rd, Upminster RM14 2TD, UK
  • £6/hour (8 USD)
  • Posted : Mar 15
  • Level : Beginner
  • Requires : Part Time
  • Posted by : Minhaz Uddin (Student )
  • Phone unavailable
  • Gender Preference : None


Need help with java programming. I'm trying to self learn java.

I started to learn java from November 2018, I've watched so many videos/tutorials, read many articles, read a book. I learnt the basic syntax; methods, string, arrays, for loop, while loop, if else statement, some basic knowledge on object orientation programming. However, unable to build anything, do puzzles. this I’ve found very difficult and I’m stuck

What I would like to do is get started with building some simple projects with what I’ve learnt so far and do a lot practical things.

Please contact me by email.

Sorry for not disclosing number, don’t want get other tutors calling me.

Kind regards