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Online Anatomy, Oral Anatomy and Histology tutor needed in Somerville

  • Somerville, MA, USA
  • Posted : Jun 13
  • Level : Expert
  • Requires : Part Time
  • Posted by : Karen Van Hook (Student )
  • Phone verified +1-**********
  • Gender Preference : None
  • Available online
  • Not available for home tutoring
  • Can not travel

I need detailed oral or maxillofacial anatomy instruction (structures of mouth, jaw, etc.). I am a voice and speech teacher, and my work depends on understanding how muscles and other tissues in the mouth and face are connected. I know a fair bit, but I now have specific questions that I cannot answer by looking at anatomy diagrams. I need a tutor who knows this part of anatomy. I probably need only a few hours. You don't need to prepare lesson plans; I will have a list of questions. My questions will focus on muscles such as palatoglossus, buccinator, genioglossus, hyoglossus, and so forth. I'd *like* to work with someone who also knows about throat muscles such as salpingopharyngeus, but if you can answer questions only right around the mouth, you can help me. I am in the United States but we can meet online.