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AWS Capstone Project - Coursera (Category - SME)
Use Case - Coursera 
Coursera is an educational technology company with a mission to provide universal access to the world’s best curricula. The company partners with top universities and organizations worldwide to offer online courses for anyone to take, for free. Coursera has more than 13 million users from 190 countries enrolled and offers more than 1,000 courses from 119 institutions, everything from Programming in Python to Songwriting.

The Challenge 
Coursera had a large monolithic application for processing batch jobs that was difficult to run, deploy, and scale. A new thread was created whenever a new job needed to be completed, and each job took up different amounts of memory and CPU, continually creating inefficiencies. 
A lack of resource isolation allowed memory-limit errors to bring down the entire application. 
The infrastructure engineering team attempted to move to a microservices architecture using Docker containers, but they ran into problems as they tried to use Apache Mesos to manage the               cluster and containers—Mesos was complicated to set up and Coursera didn’t have the expertise  or time required to manage a Mesos cluster.

Need help on synopsis submission for the above use cases

Synopsis Submission - TOTAL : 15 points
1)Details of the Business Use cases, ie Proposed solution for the problem statement without getting into Technical details - 5 Points
2)Role of Cloud, identification of right fit of cloud services, usage of multiple services - 5 Points
3)Effort, Cost, Assumptions, Risk - 5 Point