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i teach the Holy Quran with proper impetus and principles.i am here today with my parents prayers and the hard work o my respected teachers. i am a very thanksul for them. i will give this advice to all parents and to all peoples who believe in the Quran, learn the QURAN yourself and teach your children too because this is the only way that will bring you closer to God...
i have three years of proficiency in teaching the Holy Quran thats why i can teach the Quran via skype, whatsapp, and imo easily. JAZAKALLAHU KHAIRAN


  • Quran and tajweed and Islamic studies (Expert)


  • Human Resources. Certified Human Resources Proessional (Jun, 2011 - Sep, 2015) at National University of Science and Technology Islamabad
    Aslam alaikum all MUSLIMS....
    I teach online Arabic language, Quran Pak memorizing Quran Pak hifz Nazra Reading Listening Tafseer Quran Pak and translation, English language,English grammar, Maths, Urdu language and Islamic knowledge.
    Male and female teachers available.
    Physics mathematics management marketing Human resources management statistics
    Online classes via Skype WhatsApp and imo, 5x in a week and 2 days for trial classes who want to learn contact me here whatsapp number ;03015338814


  • no name (Dec, 2007 - Aug, 2015) from madrissa riyaz ul jannah,tulil,banat rawalapindi- scored 5000

Fee details

    Rs4,000-8,000/month (US$25.92-51.83/month)


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