Harsha Bharadwaj H UPSC Engineering Service

Rote learning leads to no where in upcoming future. I have this methodology of teaching you where you can't forget what you have learnt and I am going to assure you this.
Conceptual learning is advised by problem solving.nothing can stop you from learning other than yourself.
Give it a shot and see the changes.
Invest in education today and reap it tomorrow.
Trust me guys. You may replace me but you may also lose my methodology. I can help you through every step you take in education no matter what it is.


  • Fluid Mechanics (Expert)

  • Mechanical Engineering all theoretical subjects (Expert)


No experience mentioned.


  • Bachelor of engineering (Jun, 2014 - Jun, 2016) from Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Davangere- scored Distinctio
  • Master of Technology (Jun, 2014 - Jun, 2016) from The National institute of Engineering,MYSURU- scored 75

Fee details

    600-1,000/hour (US$7.96-13.27/hour)

    Depends on the journey hour and contents to be covered in time


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