Midhun J Prakash Doctor of Pharmacy final year(6th year)

I'll make sure my students understand everything of the topic, and he could be able to write the exam from that topic without by hearting .
I'll be teaching by not making them study but there will be a healthy interactive class of the topic which is to be covered, this can give the student a wide knowledge of the topic which is to be covered.
Every individual has there own quality of brain power, so making everyone study in a same manner doesn't give them pleasure of studying, there needs to be done in a liberated way, as the student should choose there way of studying or i can help them choose there style, so that teaching and studying won't be a hard reality for students and teachers.


  • Chemistry (UG) (Grade 1-Grade 12)

  • Biology (Grade 1-Grade 12)

  • Biotechnology (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • Physics (Grade 8-Grade 10)


No experience mentioned.


  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Jul, 2014 - now) from Aditya Institute of Pharmacy and Educational Research, Banglore

Fee details

    500-700/hour (US$6.64-9.29/hour)

    Within 5 km- ₹ 500
    5km to 10km - ₹700


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