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My students generally score more than 90% in their assignments and you only have to pay me 20% in advance.

I am a CPA and also hold BTech degree from NIT.

I teach/help in Finance(International Finance/Portfolio Management/Derivative Market),Mathematics,Programming(Python, C,C++, Java),Accounting (Managerial/ Financial/Cost,Business Mathematics, Calculus with practical examples so that each and every student will understand.

I am good at using online platforms to teach and assist people in their projects and in understanding the material.

I can also help you with financial & accounting assignment .I`ve been engaged with many students from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK, Kuwait & Oman for their accounting & finance assignment as well.

I only take up those engagements in which I am 100% confident of providing top quality output because I understand how top grade stays with a student for her/ his lifetime.


  • Physics (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Computer Science (Beginner-Expert)

  • Finance (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Financial Accounting (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Corporate Finance (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Financial Management (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Mathematics (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Accountancy (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Cost Accounting (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Probability and Statistics (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Business mathematics (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Managerial accounting (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Java Programming (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus 1, 2 (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Advance accountancy (Bachelors/Undergraduate-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Finance & Management Accounting (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Managerial Finance (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Data Structure and Algorithms (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)

  • Python 3 (Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD)

  • C++ and C (Grade 12-Doctorate/PhD)


  • Associate (Apr, 2017Mar, 2020) at Raj And Raghunath Co.
  • Accounting And Finance Assignment (Apr, 2015Present) at Assignment Helper


  • B .Tech (Jun, 2016Aug, 2020) from Nit Delhi
  • Chartered Accountant (Dec, 2015Jan, 2020) from Institute Of Chartered Accountant Of India

Fee details

    3,0009,000/hour (US$40.4121.21/hour)

    Fees will be charged according to the assignment.
    Fee will be discussed at the start of the engagement. and Assignment fees will be refunded if the student is not satisfied.

27 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo June 2, 2021

Genuine Tutor

Always fulfill his commitments .He is a real expert in his subjects.

User Photo May 31, 2021

Excellent Teacher

Excellent totur. He had assisted me a lot to get excellent grades, on time and really helpful.

User Photo May 22, 2021

Financial Management

I always get more than 95% in my Financial Management Quiz .

User Photo May 22, 2021

Highly Recommended

I Highly Recommend Shubham ! For Accounting and Finance. He is the best. The best part is that if he does feel comfortable in any subject he will let you know. He will never let you down.

User Photo May 22, 2021

Managerial Accounting

Best doctor in Managerial Accounting. Accurate and always on time for any type of assignment work.

User Photo May 21, 2021

Best Tutor

A real gem in accounting and Finance world. Help me to understand accounting more practically.

User Photo May 21, 2021

Best Tutor for Accounting and Finance

I always prefer Shubham Sir for my assignments and tests . Because i always get more than 90% grade.
Thank-you Sir

User Photo May 11, 2021

Very honest and professional,trustworthy tutor

Thanks to this trustworthy tutor mr shubham because I was about to fail in financial management course, but he assured me that I will get 85% and higher in the final exam ,and then on the day of the exam he was answering quickly and was interested in completing the exam on time and actually he finished it on time and I got a score of 90 % and above like what he told me😍, and I passed because of him thanks mr shubham you are really the besttt in finance subjects! and I highly recommend him as he is fast and very smart tutor and he know what he do ,he will never let anyone down,Will definitely continue with him in future.

User Photo May 7, 2021


He is Expert and trustworthy.and I always get good grade with him.

User Photo May 7, 2021

Professional Teacher

He help me solving my online assignment and Always get more than 90%.
Thanks Shubham

User Photo March 30, 2021

Graceful teacher

Very punctual and understands the subject well.

User Photo November 11, 2020


He had assisted me a lot to get excellent grades.I really recommend him.

User Photo November 11, 2020

Managerial Accounting

Best teacher you can get in this website. He always got A + in my all assignment. Thanks Shubham

User Photo November 4, 2020

Best Tutor for Accounting And Finance

I got full grade in my all assignments. He is very professional. I would highly recommend him.

User Photo November 4, 2020

Managerial Accounting

Best Tutor
He is always on time and do professional work with reasonable price.

User Photo November 3, 2020

I get A+ in my all assignment

Trustworthy and will get you an A+! Shubham is a great tutor, he helped me in my Accounting.

User Photo September 30, 2020
Payment verified US$ 50


He did my work really good, I got 80 points

User Photo September 21, 2020
Payment verified US$ 49.59 (40 USD + 700 INR)

Financial Management

He helped me to get perfect grade in very short time. and reasonable price, not too high.

User Photo July 30, 2020

Professional Teacher

Very Professional work
He finishes an assignment on time.So anyone who wishes to do well in academics can get his expertise. Highly recommended Teacher on Teacheron.

User Photo July 28, 2020

Good Experience

Good Experience help me in assignment.

User Photo July 24, 2020

Professional teachrr

Teatech student till satisfy as required, very helpful in assignment and very friendly in inquiry a questions as well support student as they request.

User Photo July 6, 2020


He is helpful, flexible and do the best to ensure the student get the gets the experience.

User Photo June 18, 2020

My honest review !

Literally the best teacher you can get on this website. He helps you with everything, and then reviews everything for you and does a great job !

User Photo June 14, 2020

The best !

The best person to help you for your job!

User Photo June 14, 2020

Really Great Teacher

Shubham is a well-prepaired teacher, he is really expert in what he does and can help you to achieve your goal with smart techniques and clear explanations. His competences in Finance are the best you can find. He also is very polite, helpful, and is committed to adapting himself to your needs.

User Photo May 19, 2020
Payment verified US$ 5

Perfect totur

Perfect totur. He had assisted me a lot to get excellent grades, on time and really helpful. he had helped me in my all accounting courses and I achieved high marks. I really recommend him. Thanks a lot Mr.

User Photo May 15, 2020

Excellent work

He provided me with a lot of help in my assignment and he produced it in an excellent way, as i requested it. thankful ?