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Hi! I'm Zeeshan ur Rehman and my major subjects are SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Electrical Engineering, PHYSICS and MATHEMATICS and CODING, PROGRAMMING, HTML . I can do work on different software like JAVA, MATLAB, LABVIEW, VERILOG, C++, PYTHON, AUTOCAD, LTSPICE . I've been teaching at the college level for the past 3 years. I have experience of completing courses on WebAssign, Aleks, Pearson. As a teacher, my goal is to help communicate and break down difficult problems in a way that allows students greater accessibility and comprehension of their course material. I love helping others develop a sense of personal confidence and curiosity. Whatever your task is, count on me to handle it with discipline and dedication you deserve. I will pay attention to your instructions, and work to surpass all your expectations. I am keen on time and passionate about giving quality and plagiarism-free work.However, I do love teaching my siblings and friends way back to help them understand their lessons by heart. When I was young, I excel in Math, Science and English. I also passed the licensure examination for Accountants giving me advanced learning in Accounting. I'm looking forward to working with you and please don't hesitate to reach out.


  • Chemistry (Beginner-Expert)

  • Physics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Differential Equations (Beginner-Expert)

  • Signal & System (Beginner-Expert)

  • Mathematics & Statistics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Thesis Writing (Beginner-Expert)

  • Calculus 1, 2, 3, 4 (Beginner-Expert)

  • Marketing and Human Resource Management (Beginner-Expert)

  • Python Developer (Beginner-Expert)

  • VHDL/Verilog (Beginner-Expert)

  • Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Embedded Systems and Arduino (Beginner-Expert)

  • C++ and C (Beginner-Expert)

  • Content writing assignments (Beginner-Expert)

  • Game Development (Beginner-Expert)

  • Electronics projects using multisim 14.2 full version (Beginner-Expert)

  • MATLAB based Modelling/SImulation/Optimization (Beginner-Expert)

  • Certified LabVIEW Developer (Beginner-Expert)

  • Accounting & taxation (Beginner-Expert)

  • Assembly programming (Beginner-Expert)


  • LECTURER (May, 2010Present) at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad Campus.


  • BS MATHS (Jan, 2001Jan, 2005) from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad Campus.

Fee details

    Rs8,00010,000/hour (US$41.4651.83/hour)

    Fees can vary from task to task. Fees is not fix like 4500 or 8000. Many task needed to be done in less time than 4500 and many tasks needs much time so 8000. So don't worry about payment contact to get a quality service.

70 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo June 4, 2021

very helpful

very helpful. helped me get full marks in my assignment

User Photo June 3, 2021


Really awesome doctor I got in my exam full mark thanks to him and he’s really great

User Photo June 3, 2021


He helped me on diffrential , and i got 39/40
He is helpful and honest
i got A+ , Many Thanks to him !!??

User Photo May 6, 2021


One of the best tutors on teacheron, he was very fast and helpful, he helped me with a statistics assignment and got me an excellent mark I will definitely work with him again

User Photo April 20, 2021

Perfect Tutor ( Physics 2 )

He helped me in physics two and I got full mark in two quizzes. He is really a great tutor, make deal with him!

User Photo April 20, 2021

Best Tutor in Teacheron Website

Totally recommend this tutor. Very professional, reasonable prices, helps me in very subject and gets me a very very high grade. 10/10 tutor!!

User Photo April 18, 2021


Good teacher and he know what he is doing

User Photo March 28, 2021

The best

I highly recommend him, he got for me full marks in my assignments

User Photo March 5, 2021

Very Accurate and Dilligent

Wonderful Tutor! Very Intelligent and Accurate when it comes to Physics and Calculus! Use him for your Educational needs!

User Photo February 3, 2021

Helpful teacher

Helped in homework with great grade

User Photo December 15, 2020


He is a perfect tutor ever in computer programming subject , he helped me in my whole semester and i got 90+. He is very professional in his work and faster. Most helpful tutor ever , highly recommended for computer programming for sure you will get 90+????

User Photo December 15, 2020


He’s a very good instructor and helped me a lot with all of my assignments! I recommend you he gave me full marks to all of my assignments and his work is very good

User Photo December 15, 2020

Computer programing & differential equation

I'm 100% satisfied of this tutor..he helped me in 2 courses (Computer programing & Differential equation)..very accurate in his answers, co-operative and helpful with the students..I highly recommend this tutor!!

User Photo December 15, 2020

Differential equation and computer programming (C++)

i got help for both Differential equation and computer programming (C++) courses, and he is the best and the most professional tutor ever.
He is easy to work and talk to, he reply fast to me whenever i needed him, i trust him the most! he is always on time.
i got help for my quizzes and i got high and full marks in both courses. he gives detailed answers and he checks the work when he send it, i find it really easy to contact and have a conversation with Mr. Zeeshan, he is very kind and polite, as he care for his students marks even after the exam.
In this semester i contacted him more than 4 times, because he is very smart and i understand his work/solution so perfectly.
i highly recommend him if you need help, you will never get disappointed because he is the best.

User Photo November 15, 2020

Discrete math

He is a good professor in discrete math , I recommend all people talk with him??

User Photo November 11, 2020
Payment verified US$ 140

Great help

They are good people and they know their stuff

User Photo November 11, 2020

Great teacher!

Good and great tutor for programming. Tutor is quick to reply and is easy to contact.

User Photo October 30, 2020

IOS mobile app development

work was very professional. he handed before the given time. you can trust him guys

User Photo October 30, 2020

Calculus Mathmatica

He did a great job doing my mathmatica assignment.

User Photo October 28, 2020

The best

He was very helpful and he delievered the work exactly as promised, I would definitely recommend him to anyone that would want guaranteed and accurate work

User Photo October 28, 2020


best teacher fast and pro in calculas glade to deal with him

User Photo October 27, 2020


He is a very good teacher for programming (c++)

User Photo October 26, 2020

You have to know

He teaches me probability subject .. He is a really good teacher .. He cares about his students .. He is committed to time .. He doesn’t care about money. He is interested in that the student performs with high grades and sets this thing as his goal .. He is also smooth in dealing .. I advise you not to hesitate to choose this teacher

User Photo October 26, 2020

Excellent in embedded systems

Helpful and good for embedded

User Photo October 26, 2020

Distinguished teacher

He was understanding and highly qualified in specializing in electric power, the solution of the assigment was shorter than specified

User Photo October 24, 2020

High quality answers to all the questions

He was really good with the quality of his solutions. He asks you how much time a particular task has before its due and does it before that always. Def the best tutor I have come online across. Trust me you are in right hands.

User Photo September 22, 2020

Delivers assignments on time

Helped me a lot with an assignment that I was lost in. It was a C++ assignment to be specific.

User Photo September 21, 2020

Physics and Calculus 4

Since I worked with Zeeshan, I have been getting high grades in Physics and Mathematics. He does all the work on time, and he never was late. He responds on time, and he tries to satisfy his clients. I recommend all students working with him with such comfort because he worth the trust.

User Photo September 17, 2020


He's a very good tutor you better choose him. ;)

User Photo September 16, 2020


He helped me with the matlab assignment perferctly

User Photo September 8, 2020

Great person and greatwork

If you want to learn and also get receive proper assistance work with him and you will not regret it.

User Photo September 7, 2020

Java project (Magic Square)

ZEESHAN UR REHMAN Was very helpful! He helped me with my assignment (Magic Square in Java). He is always available for a conversation and clarifications about an assignment. He was able to change the code when my professor made modifications on my assignment. Also I randomly had a pop up quiz, I just messaged him very quickly and he was able to help me right away so I got an answer from him in about 20 min and was able to get on quiz 100%.
By the way his code is easy to understand, he leaves comprehensive comment and explains what method does and the way program work in general.
I learned a lot from his code, made notes and now I know what do it if I would have to deal with 2D arrays.
I would definitely continue asking ZEESHAN UR REHMAN for help because he is truly the best plus I can learn from him a lot!

User Photo August 30, 2020

Numerical Analysis help

Thank you for the quick answer on my request. Good price. Kind and helpful tutor

User Photo August 29, 2020

Flued mechanics

Great tutor, he helped me in my exam, nice guy, Recommended

User Photo August 26, 2020

He is very cooperative and very responsive

He is always there to help. He is concerned about his students' work. He is not materialistic in terms of money. He first completes the work and only then demands money. Even after the completion of the assessment if there is any confusion he tries to redress it promptly.

User Photo August 23, 2020


He's so helpful .. he helpt me with my propability an statistics exam and I got 18/20

User Photo August 23, 2020

Calculus 3

Great tutor helped me alot in my final exam scoring above 85% ?? Very responsive, reliable, Recommended from me

User Photo August 22, 2020

Great help for Differential Equations and Numerical Methods

Mr Zeeshan helped me a lot with my D.E assignment. I highly recommend him. he is a very good tutor and his work was correct. He also included instructions and step by step details of how he obtained the answers he got.

User Photo August 21, 2020

Java expert

He helped in my java programming exam

User Photo August 7, 2020

Amazing and Reliable Tutor

Zeeshan throughly does all the work and tasks! He’s cooperative and is very smart. Also very nice and easy to work with! Definitely would ask him for help again!

User Photo August 6, 2020

Electrical Assignment

A nice and responsible tutor!!! Helping and teaching me for electrical course. The assignment is done early than the deadline!!!

User Photo July 28, 2020


Great tutor in delivering content, patience. Definitely recommend for Calculus. Very professional and knows his stuff. Thank you!

User Photo July 23, 2020

Calculus final

Dr. Zeeshan is the best! I had calculus final that I knew nothing about and thanks to him I got an A. He is very friendly and answers fast and really good! Highly recommend!

User Photo July 22, 2020

Proffisinal and affordable

He is the best from the point of the pricing and professincy, I would recommend him to do help you with the your assignment s or homework.

User Photo July 21, 2020


Really good in C++ and very fast, I got a high grade because of him he’s the best in codes

User Photo July 16, 2020


Helped me with understanding Labview and implementing additional features so code will run perfectly. Very quick and informational responses. Great tutor.

User Photo July 12, 2020

linear algebra

He give me A in linear algebra final exam very quick to respond highly recommended trust this man he’s very honest even when exam finish he don’t forget me ask about the grade a got

User Photo July 11, 2020

LTspice program - electric circuits

ZEESHAN UR REHMAN is very helpful, he helped a lot with my assignment which is the LTSpice program - drawing and solving circuits. I got good grades, thank you for the help sir

User Photo July 9, 2020

Differential Equations

I highly recommend him , good pricing and fast .
I scored full mark in my quiz .

User Photo July 7, 2020

He is very good

I let him do for me a matlab report and he did it very fast and in the right way

User Photo July 6, 2020

highly recommended

One of the best tutor I have ever had. He helped me in computer programming C++. He’s very good and friendly as well as he’s fast in solving exam questions. Moreover, his price is great. I’m very satisfied with his work and definitely will work with him again.

User Photo July 5, 2020

Amazing work

Mr Zeeshan is great. I had a long assessment that i needed help with, he helped me through everything. He was available 24/7, and was very helpful with everything. His pricing is awesome and negotiable which is great for us students. I would encourage any student to contact him. He is reliable, trust me and trust him.

User Photo July 2, 2020

The best expert

He was so helpful, always available and on time. He is fast in solving questions and i got full mark thanks to him.

User Photo July 1, 2020

Excellent help

I had a c++ exam that I was afraid to fail, I didn’t do well in my course, so I came on here to look for help. I have to say Mr zeeshan did an excellent job with me, he was very understanding about all things, the material of the exam and the money etc.. he is responsible and helped me in so many ways. Definitely recommend Mr zeeshan. You can rarely find a tutor/teacher or any kind of help with this much manners and understandings. 10000/10000

User Photo June 30, 2020

Very reliable , fast and accurate

Helped me out and made sure i understood. Very Fast at solving questions, accurate amd totally trustable. Being Credible these days is very important. He has deep knowledge of the subjects and he can easily transfer it to the student.
Very pleased to have been teached from him.
Thank you.

User Photo June 29, 2020

Matlab exam

he is expert in matlab and mathematical methods, he helped me in my assignments and exams for matlab, very quick and has great knowledge in math and software. thank you

User Photo June 28, 2020

Very good

He is really good he tried his best to help me

User Photo June 18, 2020

Quick responder

Zeeshan was able to provide help even at the last moment. Thank you

User Photo May 15, 2020

he helped me in physics and the experience was excellent

results were A+, tutor is very good and friendly. Everyone should seek help from Zeeshan...

User Photo May 15, 2020

High Credibility, Well knowledgeable and very helpful in all courses!!

He dedicates all of the required academic efforts for scoring the best grades. Definitely going to work with him again!

User Photo May 13, 2020
Payment verified US$ 193.55

work delivered in time !!!

thanks for your effort friend
i will continue working with you !

User Photo May 5, 2020

Very co-operative and fast


User Photo May 4, 2020

great teacher

Im satisfied very much with his help and teaching

User Photo May 3, 2020

The best

Excellent freelancer does better then what you will expect by a lot and you wont regret working with him.

User Photo May 2, 2020

Good and fast

Will help in the subject fully and gave me a reasonable price. Excellent.

User Photo April 28, 2020

my review

i’m satisfied with his work helped me with my assignment, great tutor?

User Photo April 14, 2020

Great teacher

What i liked about this teacher is that he is very helpful, and helping you comes before asking you for money!

User Photo April 14, 2020

good communication

despite speaking different languages ​​he treated me well and was very attentive

User Photo April 13, 2020

100% amazing quality

He is a very good tutor and fast responser!! Great quality!! You won't regret it!!

User Photo April 11, 2020

Excellent and helpful

Highly recommend. Very friendly and helpful. I had limited time with my assignment and he helped me with it. Will definitely work with him again.