Vidya Uduwage Senior teacher
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I'm a well-experienced teacher in Cambridge and Edexcel OL & AL for More than 12 years with best results... doing all the fields of mathematics including further mathematics and additional mathematics, I'm doing the pure and mechanics part in advanced level maths.

cover the full syllabus including pass papers from 2010 up...if the student is a dedicated one, I will always guarantee the best results if they follow my way...I take full responsibility for the student once a class is confirmed, and work hard in a proper way that he or she can understand and pass their exams with the best results.

I'm hardworking and giving homework tutorials depending on the way the student needed. my methodology is based on the concept of continuous exercises and assessments. All my students in Sri Lanka and from some other countries have passed with flying colors, not only bright students, weak students as well.

It seems to be a digital platform that is not very much popular in Sri Lanka as most parents trust face-to-face interaction more effective. but I assure you digital platforms make the student more comfortable than face to face...and attached student and the teacher in a more reliable way than teaching on the whiteboard.

if you wanted to have the best results, and if you are willing to work hard with me, I think you should flick me a message and let's give it a try. please contact me via ****** through WhatsUp.


  • Cambridge Mathematics (Grade 9-A level)

  • AS & A level Mathematics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Additional Mathematics (Beginner-Expert)

  • Further Mathematics (A level) (Beginner-Expert)


  • Teacher (Oct, 2012Present) at K/Sripali college(national college)
    I'm a Advanced level physics teacher in a well known national school in kaluthara district..and doing chambridge syllabus parallel with national curriculum with same experiences..this is a service I provide into my best capability on the trust of my students to output their best performance in the exam with good results..
  • Vice principal (Jun, 2008Present) at GCE institute,
    I was the vice principal in GCE institute until i was appointed as a government teacher...physics and national syllabus is my passion...but i still teaching London syllabus parallel with national syllabus...I'm very much interested in further mathematics..i have 13 year experience with both syllabi and love to teach...


  • MSc (May, 2008now) from University of Peradeniya
  • Bsc (Jun, 2004Jun, 2008) from University of Peradeniya, srilanka

Fee details

    රු1,5002,500/hour (US$7.5212.53/hour)

    Changing for a student and it's fixed..
    OL 1500 Per hour (8.08 USD)
    AS/A2 2000 per hour(10.15 USD)
    FURTHER MATHEMATICS 2500 per hour..
    (Fee is in srilankan rupee)

    This is a fixed rate
    Fee must be payed prior to the class..please note I'm not doing any trial classes...

17 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo May 29, 2021


Actually she is one of the best teacher I have ever at the beginning of my As level course mathematics was the most difficult subject for me.I failed exams everytime when ever there was any exam.but after I found her that doesn't exists now one of my favourite subject is maths.and I find no more difficulties. Her explanations and tricks make my life now I'm getting good grades for maths
THANK YOU teacher

User Photo March 20, 2021

Great teacher

Very passionate about her subject.

User Photo February 16, 2021

The best teacher for Mathematics !

Miss Vidya is an extremely passionate teacher for maths. She has helped a lot of students reach great heights and pass with flying colours. As a student of Royal Institute , I gladly recommend her to any student weak or bright because she has the capability of tutoring the student with the most efficient ways of problem solving in maths and her techniques are very convenient for any student to catch up with. I have experienced the journey of mathematics from her since OL. At first , I wasn't fond of maths but after I met her , she motivated me and taught me with great enthusiasm. All thanks to her I achieved an 'A' for my CIE OL exams I sat for in June 2019. Currently, I'm continuing my AS & AL studies with her. I appreciate her desire to educate children & her sacrifices don't go in vain. So far , she has played a major rule in my school life as u find maths everywhere.

User Photo January 17, 2021

Highly recommend

She was one of the talented and dedicated teacher i
have son did CIE further pure mathematics n mechanics with her...he passed with A ...without miss vidya ,it won't be possible...she is kind n understandable,patience teacher...she is worth of trying

User Photo December 23, 2020

This is the best add maths / maths teacher I have ever found

As a student of Royal Institute sitting for the AS exam in 2021 I highly recommend miss Vidya for any student sitting for upcoming Examinations without any doubt.
I wasn't good at Mathematics but since I joined her classes she was able to help me to get a "B" in O Level for Additional Mathematics . I'm so happy to get lessons from a teacher like this who is highly experienced. Currently I take classes online still she do the best .

User Photo November 27, 2020

This is the best Additional Maths teacher I ever had

First of all, she is very kind and patient. She always try to help. Even when I ask questions via Messages, she will get back to me in just within 30 minutes. If you are doing maths or additional maths exams, this is the best teacher for you and I can say it without any doubts. I am so happy to get lessons from her. I take classes online and she do the best as she can via online. Thank you very much teacher.

User Photo October 31, 2020

One of the best teachers I have found for alevels

I only wish I had found Ms. Vidya sooner. She helped me immensely in the little time I had left before the exam. She explained complicated sums very well and practiced a number of sums till I got it right and when she was sure I understood, only then did she move on to the next type of question! Amazing teaching by an amazing teacher.
Thank you ms. Vidya!

User Photo October 6, 2020


My son was not good at mathematics until we met this teacher...he hated maths..but we expect him to pass the AL(edexcel),he got a D for the C1 & C2.There was not much hopes to get a good results for A2.I got the contact of Miss.vidya from one of my friend.her rates was bit high,but still we decided to try once.but she was very good in her teaching and we realize she never go after fee much..she did 3hr sometimes more but still took only 2hr son passed with a B grade...we know she is a good better to try with her before decide

User Photo October 3, 2020

Highly Recommended

I’m a student from Royal Institute and being a student of her since my O’levels to A’levels, and helped me achieve an A* for both these exams.
What’s unique about her teaching is she gives you the utmost attention and makes sure she clear all the doubts in complicated sums you come up with.
Especially when the exams are close by, she would ask for any doubtful chapters and cover up at-least the last 10 years of the past paper questions under the relevant topic.
Without any hesitation she’s the best you can find.

User Photo October 2, 2020


As a student of Royal Institute, sitting for the A/L exams in 2020 i can recommend Miss vidya to any student sitting for upcoming exams as i was taught by her for almost 3 years. She is a very good teacher who gives full attention towards the students who lack interest and confidence. I was a weak student myself until i went to her class for my O/L exams. And from there onwards i felt confident for sitting for my maths papers all thanks to her easy teaching techniques. If student gives full attention to her teaching and complete the provided work, high results would be guranteed. And her class is very fun for students. So no doubt she is one of the best tutors to learn from all because of her 100% commitment towards the student.

User Photo October 2, 2020

Experienced and understanding

Royal institute International school student.My mathematics tuition teacher since 9th grade and throughout ALs(pure mathematics,mechanics,statistics) and she's highly experienced and qualified than any other mathematics tutor i have taken lessons from with a better insight on a students capabilities and weaknesses.Best teacher to be recommended if anyone is struggling in either field in mathematics or is looking for a suitable tutor in practising past paper questions.

User Photo October 2, 2020

Highly recommend

She was a really great tutor for me.Joining her classes helped me improve a lot.Taught easy methods which was very helpful. With her help I’ve passed my O/level and A level exams with good results

User Photo October 2, 2020

Highly recommended

She taught me easier and very efficient methods to find the answers and she also finished all the past papers.Thanks to her I got an A for A/L maths.

User Photo October 2, 2020


I was a student at Royal Institute who wasn’t very confident and who didn’t perform well at maths i was losing interest in the subject with time, but after i joined her classes she proved me otherwise

She tutored me with full attention, showed me easier methods, completed all past papers like I’ve never done before including variants! I went from giving up the subject to an A for maths in my alevel examination Real quick! Best teacher no doubt

User Photo October 2, 2020


When i ws in year 13 i feel so bad and uncomfortable because ,i loose so many of my physics lessons. I hadnt any idea bout wht to do. Cus its not tht much easy to catch advance level lessons specialy like physics.However i viewed this site and choose this teacher randomly. After few months i realized my random selection ws amazing ,cus she taught me very well. And also i passed my exams with higher marks Definitely i know she s using unique way thts how i feel. Anyway i recommend this teacher.

User Photo September 28, 2020

Great further methematics teacher

When i started my AL in further ,it felt that i haven't have any clue what was further pure gave a really stress on the term tests when ever i got very few marks..any how i come across with miss.vidya after little while and started lessons with her..she kept telling me i will be fine in exams,.i covered topical questions in pass papers after each chapter..she finished lessons soon and started again questions again...i was surprised at the end of my 2 years as i could finished any further paper within 1hr n 45 min...i got a A For further pure...
I recommend her to anyone who like to work hard and do not give up....she amazing really...

User Photo September 5, 2020


She is a good teacher with hard working...guarantee the best results if you work hard...