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I can solve theories of machine, Static and Dynamics using vector approach, robotics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics in mechanical, Mechanics of material.
I am good in numerical by using the MATLAB coding or excel or Python coding.
Like to solve partial differential equation in numerical method(finite difference Method,to solve
ordinary differential equations by using RK method ode45 in MATLAB coding.
In control to find equation of motion with transfer function, stability, route locus. P control,PI control, PID control related problems. Laplace transform, Invers Laplace transform.
statics and dynamics, Machine design, fluid problem like pump curve, Auto Cad
I am have good experience in problem solving skill in mechanical core subject.
Still i have solved more the 3000 problem assignments.


  • Numerical solution of PDE (Expert)

  • Applied Mechanical Vibrations (Expert)

  • Dynamics and Statics (Expert)

  • Dynamic (Expert)

  • Dynamics and vibration (Expert)

  • Numerical Methods for Engineers (Expert)

  • Matlab for Mechanical Engineering (Expert)

  • Numerical methods by Matlab (Expert)

  • Numerical methods in Mechanical engineering (Expert)

  • Numerical methods in engineering (Expert)

  • Dynamic Force Analysis (Expert)

  • Control lab using MATLAB (Expert)

  • Numerical analysis for engineering (Expert)

  • Numerical methods and Matlab (Expert)

  • matlab for dynamic analysis (Expert)

  • Python for mechanical (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • chegg india (Jan, 2016Present) at 4 years experience as online chegg tutor
    i have solved more than 4000 problem in chegg


  • Mtech Ocean Engineering (Jan, 2017Jan, 2019) from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
  • BE in Mechanical Engineering (Mar, 2011Apr, 2015) from VV College of Engineering

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    1,0002,000/hour (US$13.7927.58/hour)

    The fee will change based based on difficulty in subject.

12 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo September 22, 2021
Payment verified US$ 195.08 (1000 Coins + 105 USD + 5297 INR)

mechanical engineering

He is very honest and helpful. It has helped me a lot in my lessons. Thanks to him, I passed my classes with good grades.

User Photo September 21, 2021
Payment verified US$ 1.98 (100 Coins)

Great Teacher

He's a fantastic and trustworthy individual. He assisted me in more ways than anyone else could have. Such a strong foundation in machine dynamics and any Matlab-related numerical problems. He is well-versed in all subjects that rely on dynamics. He is a specialist in AutoCAD outside of the boundaries. Throughout the semester, he assisted me with a variety of tasks and provided excellent training in a variety of areas, including thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, sold mechanics, and control systems.

User Photo May 3, 2021

Most reliable tutor

Mohan helped me out with one of the toughest mechanical engineering subject. I failed my midterm at first but after seeking for his help, my overall final exam grade sky rocketed! He is very honest, trustworthy and not pushy like most tutors. If I were to vote for the best tutor, I would vote for him :) Will work with him again in the future!

User Photo May 1, 2021

registered as VIBRATION KING on my phone

he helped me only 1 time but he was the perfect!! i didnt believe i can pass the exam but we did it!!

User Photo May 1, 2021
Payment verified US$ 43.20 (2000 Coins + 10 USD)

Best Tutor

He is the best tutor i have ever seen on teacheron!! he helped me for Numerical Methods, Dynamics, Statics and Mechanics of Materials, Thermodynamics.. and i get nearly full mark for all of these! Thank you Mohan!!!

User Photo April 30, 2021

Best tutor

One of the best tutors I dealt with. He is always on time and he is really really good in Matlab and Dynamics.

User Photo March 15, 2021
Payment verified US$ 25.49 (400 EGP)

Very trustable

Solution is amazing and trustable in payments made me get an A on the exam

User Photo March 2, 2021

Efficient, Punctual & Honest

He cleared my task on time without any issues. He is very efficient and good with his work. This tutor is highly recommeded

User Photo December 17, 2020


He is so good!!
He scored a full mark in my exam and was very fast in solving and his solutions are very clear.
I advise him if you want an A grade.

User Photo November 5, 2020

he is expert in his field

Great tutor. Responds quickly and knowledgeable in the field. I recommend him for engineers.

User Photo November 5, 2020


He helped me in my mechanical engineering course. He is fast and smart and he puts all his effort to help. Highly recommended!

User Photo November 4, 2020


He is very very cleaver and he can solve every kind of problems, answering fast, kind person