Professor Frank Aboagye Chemistry
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I have taught in the UK from 2002 to 2007, initially as a supply teacher, then as a full-time teacher of Science and Chemistry and from 2007 to date in Germany at the Nelson Mandela Secondary School in Berlin where I teach IB Chemistry, Science (MYP plus Berlin School Programme) and Mathematics. I teach an age range of 11 to 19 years.
As a teacher it can be easy to get into a rabbit hole with ones own students, and to assume that they’re doing everything that they possibly can. But my Eureka moment came when, due to the pandemic I had to broaden the horizon of my students and use online learning platforms to create connections with them in ways I had deemed impossibe prepandemic. learning platforms to create connections with them in ways that I had deemed impossibe prepandemic. The buzz that resulted from the googlemeet online teaching we had to organise in connection G-suite accounts for students that offered cybersecurity made it almost the same as presence classroom teaching in my opinion.
Through these experiences, I have grown as a teacher in ways that I never thought possible. Not only did it immerse me in the world of online learning, but it also helped me better engage with my face-to-face classroom students. I have used my years of teaching experience (1991 to date) to bring smiles and hope to both teachers and students alike and I have helped new colleagues to build the confidence they need as new teachers and I have volunteered as counselor for students going through social problems.
Over the past years I have worked hard at adapting my strategies for teaching to incorporate different ideas and ‘best practice’ highlighted in recent developments in Science education. I have attended Key courses as well as departmental sessions on identifying which National Curriculum levels students are functioning at and how to help them to progress in their learning. I worked closely with Curriculum Development Advisers for Science, looking at how to plan and implement a wide range of teaching strategies to help my students in learning about Science. I have often been able to share these ideas with my colleagues in the Science Department so that we all benefit.
As a Chemistry specialist, I have done all in my power to uphold students’ passion in the subject, and I have had a good number of my students expressing their gratitude. In 2009 I received the International Baccalaureate (IB) Chemistry Trained Teacher Certification and batches of IB Chemistry students have graduated successfully. My time as IB Chemistry teacher has produced Internal Moderated Assessment (IA) scores as high as 23 out of 24.
I see myself as a very successful Chemistry Teacher with very high hopes for the future. I am an enthusiastic teacher and I really enjoy trying out new ideas to help motivate and engage students and to help them to learn about Science. I believe that it is important that my students enjoy their lessons and feel able to participate, so I try to develop positive teacher-pupil relationships and use a range of strategies to enable them to interact both with their fellow students and with me. Features of my lessons are interesting activities at the start of the lesson to gain the students’ interest, varied activities and opportunities for the students to reflect on what they have learnt during the lesson.
This opportunity looks very interesting to me and I believe that I can offer a great deal to the
Science Department and the school in general. I am looking also for opportunities to broaden my experience and to take on fresh challenges, which I believe are essential for the development of my career as a Chemistry teacher.
I am committed to my ongoing development as a teacher and believe that this chance to teach you will offer me new and positive experiences as I seek to bring my enthusiasm, hard work and expertise to benefit you.


  • Chemistry (A level and O level)

  • Science (all boards) (Grade 5-Grade 8)


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  • education (Sep, 1994Aug, 1998) from University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana
  • bachelor of science chemistry and dip ed (Sep, 1993Aug, 1998) from University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana

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    2567/day (US$25.067.0/day)


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