Marisel Vaccaro English as a Second Language Teacher
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My name is Marisel Vaccaro, I am from Chile, South America. I am writing to you because I saw your ad on internet, and I am expressing interest in becoming part of your staff. I am an ESL teacher but also, I can be a Spanish native speaking teacher because I had formal instruction of my mother tongue. I believe, you are interested in increasing the number of personnel, since you are in frequent contact with this foreign environment; in addition, due to this global crisis, technology has broken boundaries making us stay in touch no matter the distance, this is why although I come from a faraway country, the amazing experience that I have gained with online classes encouraged me to apply to this position since I consider, as a specialist of Education, I possess the necessary qualities, skills, experience and interest to be of benefit to help you in the process of teaching as a communicative tool for people’s future.
As a Spanish native speaker and as an ESL teacher I know the process of teaching and learning a second language; I have good communication skills, I am very sociable, hard-working and organized. Besides, during my English teaching program, I had formal instruction in different areas, for example: how to write and speak in English and Spanish intelligibly; to do so, I had many subjects about grammar, morphosyntax, compositions, reading and listening comprehension, phonetics, phonology, oratory speech and even psychology because teachers have to manage how to deal and talk with so many different kinds of people, both ethnically and emotionally diverse. My experience is based on kids, teenagers and adults throughout my career as a ten-year graduated teacher with a Bachelor’s in Education and another in English Language. My first job was as a tour guide working for tourists who wanted to know my country or needed a translator; then I started to teach Spanish to foreigners during summertime (private classes) 2 or 3 times per week for 3 months. When I graduated from college, my first job as a teacher was in a social-economic risk school with 96% of vulnerability (7 to 13 aged kids). After that, I worked at a language institute, teaching English to people of all ages and levels, using online platform to support the learning process. Then, I started to coach courses to grown-ups with different occupations. I also worked at a private school with kids (6 – 11 aged) from 1st to 6th grade, and at the same time at an institute with groups of children and adults. Nowadays, I work at Santa Maria University, training students from different programs and nationalities (because of COVID-19, classes are online) and have private online classes. it is important to mention that I have been involved in the creation of lesson plans and curriculums in almost all the places I have worked. And finally, I have to say that a teacher is like a synonym of multitasker because I can work under high pressure and have to undertake some routine management duties like organizing different types of documents, talking to people about so many different topics like administrative or sentimental ones, solving problems, scheduling meetings or classes, answering correspondences, etc.
I am extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge and speaking with you.

Yours faithfully,

Marisel Vaccaro Leiva.


  • Spanish as a foreign language Beginner-Expert

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Beginner-Expert


  • English teacher (Sep, 2015Present) at Universidad Federico Santa Maria (UTFSM), Valparaiso
    I train students of different areas and nationalities. To do that, I give them the opportunity and confidence to converse in this L2, I try to make creative, entertaining, interesting and meaningful students’ presentation classes to engage and encourage them in the target language (At present, classes are online) At first, I find out from my students what level they currently possess, then I design a curriculum with the goal of increasing their skills according to their future needs. I give students a firm foundation of proper grammar, vocabulary, and the ability to converse and write in English or Spanish intelligibly.
  • English teacher - Invigilator (Mar, 2014Dec, 2015) at Instituto Chileno-britanico, Viña del Mar
    I taught basic English to Elementary and highschool students and adults (at the Institute headquarter) Also, I was sent to teach English to Elementary students in a private Catholic school (aged 6-11). Planifications and curriculum were made by each of us, as teachers of these courses. And I also invigilated Cambridge exams.
  • English teacher (Aug, 2013Jun, 2014) at Universidad Federico Santa Maria (UTFSM), Valparaiso
    I was part of a pilot-program called 'We Speak English', I taught communicative English to senior college students from Universidad Federico Santa María and, we prepare them to have the TOEIC exam. Lesson plans and curriculum were made by each of us, as teachers of these courses.
  • English teacher (Jul, 2013Nov, 2013) at International Center Institute, Viña del Mar
    I taught English to adult people (college students and professionals) to prepared them for TOEIC exam. These courses were provided by the Chilean Government (CORFO courses) Lesson plans and curriculum were made by each of us, as teachers of these courses.
  • English teacher (Aug, 2012Apr, 2013) at Teach Me Institute, Valparaiso
    I taught basic and intermediate English to adult people of different areas and ages. Lesson plans and curriculum were created by us (teachers) according to the students' needs and goals.
  • English teacher (Sep, 2010Dec, 2011) at Tronwell Institute, Viña del Mar
    I taught English to people of all levels and ages. Using lots of technology in classes, in the lab and in extra curriculum activities.
  • English teacher (Mar, 2010Aug, 2010) at Colegio Jorge Williams, Valparaiso
    As an English teacher for elementary students with a vulnerability rate of 97%, I had to plan and improve the subject curriculum of the school.


  • Bachelor's in English Language (Mar, 2004Dec, 2009) from Universidad del Mar, Viña del Mar
  • Bachelor's in Education (Mar, 2004Dec, 2009) from Universidad del Mar, Viña del Mar
  • English Teacher (Mar, 2004Dec, 2009) from Universidad del Mar, Viña del Mar

Fee details

    CLP$10,00025,000/hour (US$12.2230.55/hour)

    My fee can vary according to the level of difficulty.


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