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Hi, I am Dr. Tejaswi, PhD in Quantum Physics from Ireland and an alumnus of IIT Madras. I am also a flautist and a published author in the genre of Vedic topics. Welcome to the vibrant world of my wisdom.

I pursued B.Tech in ECE from LNMIIT, Jaipur. It is during this time that the love for physics sprouted. This led me, towards the end of my bachelors degree, to the JAM exam (exam for basic sciences at Masters level) in which I got an All-India-Rank of 105. I chose IIT Madras, for, Chennai is a musical hub. My learning curve in Classical music - Flute as well as transition from Engineering to Physics took a brilliant rise during my stay in Chennai. I was awarded the IIT's "Merit-Cum-Means" scholarship for the promising academic performance. After my masters, I decided to pursue a research career in Quantum Physics. This landed me with the European Union's prestigious "Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate - Extreme-ultraviolet and X-ray Training in Advanced Technologies for Interdisciplinary Cooperation (EMJD-EXTATIC)" funding for my PhD research conducted at Ireland and Poland. My scientific research included the study of interaction of ultrafast lasers and atoms, which has been published in reputed international journals.

I am very passionate in teaching what I understand. I never settle for superficial understanding. I go deep into the subject with all the necessary tools without losing track of the target at hand. Over the years, I have taught many undergrads, JEE students, Gifted students from across all over the world, which has shaped the way I teach today. Depending on the student the way I teach differs - it is a tailor-made teaching. I use the graphic-tab and pen for online teaching, so the student is properly conveyed all that is to be taught. My expertise as an engineer, as a physicist, as a spiritualist and as a musician should bring vibrance in the art of learning. I believe that teaching is an art that nurtures the seed of passion in a student and is not that which dumps loads of material unto budding minds.

I offer Carnatic music flute lessons - from basics to Kritis. I have learnt Flute for 12 years and I am a professional player.

I am also into Indian scriptures, such as Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Itihasas, Yoga, Vedic Astrology, Bhagavad Gita, etc. I have authored three books on Purusha Suktam, Lalita Sahasranama and Mandukya Upanishad, which are available via Amazon and Notion Press. I can teach the ways of understanding these enigmatic scriptures using the torch of scientific outlook. Many eminent scientists such as Schrodinger, Heisenberg, Amit Goswami, Fritjof Capra, etc., have seen the unity in western science and eastern philosophy. My approach follows the view of such stalwarts. I am a part-time faculty at Kriya Tantra Institute, USA and I offer academically structured online spiritual courses such as Gita, Yoga-sutras, Mantra Sastra (Vāk), etc.

Recently I have been appointed as an online guest lecturer at LNMIIT, Jaipur, for the course on Indian Knowledge system (IKS). IKS is one of the compulsory courses in engineering universities mandated by UGC very recently. The course encompasses the wide spectrum of Scientific knowledge spread in the vast depths of Indian scientific and cultural past.

Feel free to contact and discuss your requirement.

*********************Updated Results of My Students' Achievements*****************************
1) A student scored 5/5 in AP - Physics exam (USA).

2) 2023: A Student got 99.95 percentile in MAH CET.

3) 2023: A student (UAE) got 95% in Physics CBSE - highest in her class (when she joined she was not confident in physics but now she has topped her class - a proud moment for a teacher and student!)

4) 2023: Three students (India) have cleared JEE Mains with Physics percentile of approximately 98.

5) 2023: A student (USA) who is taking advanced Physics and Math coaching under me got a perfect score of 36/36 in the prestigious ACT exam in USA. He got admission into PIONEER research concentration -- on Relativity - Cosmology - (University - Johns Hopkins).

6) 2022: A student got All-India-Rank of 172 in IIT's entrance for bachelors in design (UCEED). She chose to join NID-Bhopal - one of the most prestigious Universities in India for design and art.

7) 2022: A NEET student (India) got admitted into his "dream college" in Banglore - Vyedhi Medical College.

8) 2021: After a 3 month crash course, one student cleared JEE Adv.



  • Maths Beginner-Expert

  • Physics Grade 7-Masters/Postgraduate

  • ISC Physics Beginner-Expert

  • JEE Physics

  • NEET Physics Beginner-Expert

  • ICSE Physics Beginner-Expert

  • IIT Foundation Mathematics Beginner-Expert

  • IIT JEE Physics

  • AP Physics

  • IIT JEE Foundation Physics


  • Bhagavad Gita Beginner-Expert

  • Patanjali Yoga Beginner-Expert

  • Maths (CBSE) Beginner-Expert

  • Physics (CBSE) 12th Standard

  • Physics (CBSE) Class 11

  • Maths (JEE Mains & Advanced)

  • Physics (JEE - Mains & Advanced)

  • Art of problem solving Beginner-Expert

  • Flute in Carnatic Music Beginner-Expert


  • Guest Lecturer (Sep, 2023Present) at LNMIIT, Jaipur
    online guest faculty (Asst. Prof) for the course Indian Knowledge system (IKS) at The LNM Institute of Information Technology.
  • Project Associate (Feb, 2022Feb, 2023) at Chinmayaranyam Ashram (A rural project of Chinmaya Mission)
    A unique project to unite western sciences and Eastern scriptures so as to make a seamless coherent syllabus for the young generation of India. Taught 10th grade math to students and Bhagawad Geeta based inspirational sessions for teachers. All this as a service to the ashram.
  • Lecturer (Sep, 2021Present) at Kriya Tantra Institute, USA
    I am one of the faculty members at the Kriya Tantra Institute, USA. I teach courses that unveil the secrets of ancient Indian mysticism fused with modern scientific perspectives. Quantum Physics, Veda, Tantra and Yoga are the primary areas of exploration.
  • Research Associate (Nov, 2019Mar, 2020) at University College Dublin, Dublin
    The task was to build a searchable database using Django framework. It required skills associated with Django, Python, postgreSQL, html, database management, etc. Issues like database portability, advanced filters on search function, security of the database, etc., were dealt with. This project belongs to the RePAST-funded by H2020 Research and Innovation Programme of EU.
  • Scientific Researcher (May, 2019Dec, 2019) at Military University of Technology Poland, Warsaw
    Study of noise amplified pulse build-up of plasma-based x-ray lasers. Most of the studies in this area consider the spontaneous emission function to be having a zero auto correlation time. In the real world a line broadening is inevitable and will eventually have a finite line width. More realistic modeling is very necessary in this scenario. To this end, it was proposed to find a solution of the spatial-temporal Maxwell-Bloch Equations incorporating a finite correlation time for the spontaneous emission radiation.
  • Tutor (Nov, 2016Dec, 2020) at Dublin City University, Dublin
    Taught different modules in physics for undergrad students over the 4 years of my PhD career.


  • PhD (Sep, 2016Feb, 2021) from Dublin City University, Dublin
  • M.Sc.Physics (Jun, 2014Jun, 2016) from IIT MADRAS
  • B.Tech. ECE (Dec, 2009Dec, 2013) from LNMIIT JAIPUR
  • Diploma in Carnatic Music (May, 2004May, 2008) from Potti sriramulu Telugu university

Fee details

    1,7003,500/hour (US$20.4842.16/hour)

    The fee varies depending on the requirements. A group of students can also apply.

30 Reviews
5 out of 5

User Photo February 9, 2024
Payment verified US$ 1 (50 Coins)


Dr. Tejaswi is an exceptional math tutor who has been instrumental in guiding my children through pre-calculus studies tailored for U.S. students. From the moment we enlisted Dr Teja's services, it became evident that we had found a true gem in the realm of mathematics education.
From the outset, it was evident that he possesses an exceptional aptitude for teaching. His profound understanding of mathematical principles, coupled with a knack for effective communication, ensures that even the most complex topics are broken down into digestible segments.He possess a deep understanding of the nuances of the American education system, ensuring that their instruction is perfectly tailored to the needs of U.S. students.
He is incredibly professional and reliable. He is always punctual, well-prepared, and fully committed to maximizing each tutoring session.
We are planning on leveraging his Physics expertise in the coming year.

User Photo December 17, 2023
Payment verified US$ 24.08 (2000 INR)

Very good teacher

My daughter is in class 12 (ISC board) and takes online classes from Tejaswi sir for Physics. He is very flexible about timings and is punctual. The best thing about him is his way of explaining topics. After explaining any concept, he asks to do some questions in class itself. If she gets stuck somewhere he makes her think about it and clear the doubts. He knows the subject really well. He also breaks down difficult topics and explains them in a simple manner. All in all, having classes with him has helped my daughter get a good grasp of the subject. Thank you sir.

User Photo December 6, 2023
Payment verified US$ 24.10 (2000 INR)

Excellent Teacher

I was not clear on my concepts in Physics and was finding it difficult to solve numerical and apply theory to the same.Then I took classes from Tejaswi Sir and he really helped me .My concepts are clear and I am more confident now.He is a very good teacher.I can see a change in my application skills and am more confident in solving papers and my marks have increased. I would highly recommend him .

User Photo December 3, 2023
Payment verified US$ 101

Taught the Sarali Varasai -basic notes of Carnatic music -vocal and flute to son father duo

Grateful for the teaching.
My child greatly benefitted learning the simple verses of carnatic music both vocal and flute -both for the very first time in his life-still learning, very enthusiastic to perform already-searching for verses to play all the time-picked up some notes on his own too. His father too , who has some strong foundation already, is relearning, singing and playing flute with his son , sharing his son's classroom time!!! So beautiful! When I take my dog outside for wa;k sometimes during class hours, I can hear the melodious tunes outside too!Thank you so much,Sir, Namaste and Our best wishes to you and family!

User Photo November 18, 2023
Payment verified US$ 24.13 (2000 INR)

Excellent Physics tutor

Tejaswi Nishant Sir tutored my son for Physics - class X CBSE . My son was struggling with his basics and Sir really helped to strengthen his concepts. Highly recommend him for Physics.

User Photo August 19, 2023
Payment verified US$ 26.49 (2200 INR)

Dedicated teacher

Tejaswi is such a dedicated, knowledge and encouraging teacher.
He is very knowledgeable and he makes sure the student completely understands the topic in depth. My daughter has really started liking physics after joining his class. She is now much more confident in taking competitive exams . He slowly increases the difficulty of the problems in such a way the student is not even aware that they are doing advanced problems. This really builds their confidence. He is such a dedicated teacher who is really invested his students.

He is so knowledge in the subject that my daughter keeps saying that in Physics, there cannot be a question that my teacher can't answer. The students are really awed by his knowledge. My daughter has so much respect for him. He is one of her most favourite teacher.
It's not only the subject, he also encourages them to work harder and shares with them his experiences when it comes to competitive exams , which is very inspiring to the students.
He really communicates so well with the parents that makes us comfortable to bring up any subject related concerns with the teacher.
Overall , he is an amazing teacher. Thank you sir .

User Photo July 2, 2023
Payment verified US$ 14.47 (1200 INR)

Among the best Physics teachers for child of any age

We have had a very positive first hand experience of engaging Tejaswi to teach Physics for our daughter for her CBSE XI & XII board exams and UCEED entrance exam. We have referred to Tejaswi more than 10 children (from among our friends and relatives), who used to dread Physics, for their class XII boards, JEE and NEET preparations. In every single instance, their fear of Physics was transformed into a love for Physics in just a few classes with Tejaswi.

We have engaged Tejaswi for our son from his 7th std onwards with an idea of gradually introducing him to advanced Physics topics right from young age. We asked our son to write a feedback on how he is finding Tejaswi's classes. Here it is, in his own words. "Sir teaches different methods to solve the same problem. He teaches topics with many fun examples. He gets me to do hands-on activities and experiments to understand the topic better. He gives homework and conducts tests on every topic. I find his class very interesting. Nowadays, I don't need to learn or revise school Physics at home as I am learning a much higher level of Physics. I can now see and apply Physics in daily life - for example, Why different objects sink or float in different liquids? Why echo occurs? Why objects have different colours? Why weight of objects would differ in different planetary bodies? etc."

For me, as a parent, the fact that my son is enthusiastic enough to wake up early for a 6 AM class and is responsible enough to solve the home work on his own prior to his next class, are indications that things are going well.

User Photo June 28, 2023
Payment verified US$ 12.06 (1000 INR)

Ideal tutor

Tejaswi is an ideal physics tutor and mentor. He has a deep passion and expertise for the subject, and he knows how to share it with his students. He doesn’t just teach the facts and formulas, he shows how they apply to the real world and why they matter. He drives home concepts through hands-on experiments, and interactive sessions. He challenges his students to think critically and creatively, and he supports them every step of the way. He encourages his students to ask questions and rather than give an answer outright, he guides them to the answer. This ensures that they do not forget a concept.

User Photo February 6, 2023
Payment verified US$ 1 (50 Coins)

Outstanding Mathematics Teacher: A 5-Star Review of Dr. Tejaswi

I highly recommend Dr. Tejaswi as a math tutor. His vast knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner truly set him apart. I have seen significant improvement in Krishna’s (my son) math skills since he started working with Dr. Tejaswi. He is very patient, understanding, and always willing to go the extra mile to help Krishna succeed. His passion for mathematics is contagious and his enthusiasm makes each session enjoyable and productive for Krishna. 5 stars, hands down.

User Photo November 16, 2022
Payment verified US$ 6.72 (350 Coins)

Tejaswi...who makes Physics interesting....

My son is appearing for his Mains in 2023. Lack of focus early on, landed him in a catch game esp in Physics. Being medicos, we always want him to enjoy studies rather than having myopic view with short term goals. To fix this prblem, our search for a good physics tutor ended with Prof Tejaswi. He is a wonderful teacher and has lot of patience. He has strong inclination for teaching and passionate about physics. His humane touch, accomodative nature and probing skills helped my son to open up and share his difficulties. He adopts his style as per students need and make it's a joyful, experience. Glad to have him as my son's physics teacher.
As sucess is more of an attitude than skill, I am confident this changed attitude will help my son to score in future exams. Best wishes to Tejaswi. Rgds

User Photo October 2, 2022
Payment verified US$ 6.03 (500 INR)

World’s Best Physics Teacher!!

Before taking Tejaswi sir’s classes, I was taking coaching for JEE level physics and was scoring very badly. However, after joining his classes , my physics marks have escalated so much and I am of the toppers of my class now. He has a unique method of teaching where you don’t have to cram a lot of formulas, instead he teaches how to think and solve it on spot. Sir’s this way of teaching is really amazing . Earlier I couldn’t solve even a single JEE question but now I’m able to solve all of them accurately.
I am so grateful that I have Tejaswi sir as both my teacher and mentor.I would highly recommend everyone to join his classes.

User Photo October 2, 2022
Payment verified US$ 18.09 (1500 INR)

Excellenct coaching

Tejasvi Sir, who teaches Physics has been a great tutor to my son who is pursuing ISE grade 12. He has been excellent in imparting the concepts very clearly to my son. My son is at ease and is very pleased to learn from him. His style of tutoring is very personalised and effective. Thank you Tejasvi Sir.

User Photo July 30, 2022
Payment verified US$ 24.13 (2000 INR)

Not a teacher but a Mentor!

Have been taking his services for both my kids. He is a wonderful guide to kids. He doesn't just teach the subject but inspires students and creates a love for the subject. His love for Physics is infectious.. God bless you Sir. And we are blessed to find you. I'm thankful to teacher in which created a platform for us to find such wonderful teachers..

User Photo June 20, 2022
Payment verified US$ 24.09 (2000 INR)

Encouraging, approachable and well-versed teacher

I enrolled my daughter with Tejaswi Sir for extra help in physics after two years of online schooling. Given the short time frame the classes have been paced very well. He is good at catching gaps in her understanding and clarifying the concepts in an easy way. He is a great help. Thank you sir.

User Photo March 20, 2022
Payment verified US$ 36.16 (3000 INR)

Dedicated teacher

Tejaswi Sir has been taking Jee Physics for my daughter for past couple of months and he has been guiding her well. He is knowledgeable, hard working and accommodating in terms of time and days of class and very considerate towards student.
I recommend him for other students as well.

User Photo March 13, 2022
Payment verified US$ 36.11 (3000 INR)

Excellent and determined Physics tutor

We were searching for a good, experienced Physics teacher for our son who is currently studying in class XII and preparing for NEET exam. That's when we saw Tejaswi sir's profile in Teacheron portal and found very impressive. We approached him during the month of Jan 22. He immediately responded and was very attentive in listening to our son's background(like how he is, what he is good at etc). He scheduled for a demo class the next day and assessesed him at what level he is. Then he came up with a tailored plan and the class started. He makes the concepts strong and clear. His class is so interesting that our son eagerly waits for the next class. He tests the student's knowledge by conducting tests/quizzes regularly. We can see a lot of improvement in our son's learning. We feel so lucky to have found him through this portal. If anyone is looking for Physics class ad preparing for any competitive exam, we would strongly recommend to approach sir.

User Photo February 8, 2022
Payment verified US$ 25

Passionate, smart and amazing tutor

My 10th grader kid loves to learn and explore Physics and in Mr.Tejaswi, we found a perfect guru. He teaches in a way that builds your understanding and piques the students interest. Mr.Tejaswi,also recommends good resources to go deeper in the topic.Also, his calm, easy going and pleasing demeanour put the students at ease.Highly recommend !!

User Photo January 14, 2022
Payment verified US$ 40 (2500 Coins)

He is a magician in Physics

My daughter (Grade 11 CBSE) was under tremendous pressure and fear about physics.
All her fear is gone and she has started getting top marks in the class...not jocking this. Believe me, this guy is genius.
So parents, grab his time as much as possible!!!

User Photo December 5, 2021
Payment verified US$ 42.90 (2750 Coins)

Maths & Physics Core builder

** Exceeded our expectations
** Passionately talented tutor
** Guiding Student future career
** Problems solving techniques are very clear and simple to understand

User Photo December 4, 2021
Payment verified US$ 38.60 (3200 INR)

Exactly how a teacher should be like !!

Passionate about Physics and subject expert.
Great communication skill
very friendly and empowers students to ask any question.
Adapts to students requirements
International exposure
My son is feeling solid now in Physics and feels like he can ask Tej anything in case he doesn't get any topic in School.

User Photo November 13, 2021
Payment verified US$ 25

Smart and Humble Physics Teacher

High praises for Dr. Nisanth both as a person with good knowledge about the subject (Physics) and as a humble person who shows flexibility and an aptitude to teach at a level and pace that is appropriate for the student. Will recommend him highly to anyone without any reservation.

User Photo September 2, 2021
Payment verified US$ 42.23 (3500 INR)

Amazing physics tutor

He's very patient and explains concepts clearly multiple times. A very friendly teacher, makes students feel comfortable and relaxed, making learning process smooth.

User Photo July 13, 2021
Payment verified US$ 20

He is Good

I have found Teja's profile interesting from Teacheron, and contacted him, he responded nicely, we are happy with our decision, he is so patiently training my 6 year old daughter. I definitely suggest Teja's Profile as well as Teacher on for others who has the similar needs.

User Photo July 11, 2021
Payment verified US$ 20

Passionate and patient guru

I have been learning the flute from Tejaswi for almost two months now. I am late comer to this wonderful instrument, but Tejaswi has been patiently guiding me in the process, sharing valuable insights, understanding my unique needs, and supporting in helpful ways. I am grateful to have found such a guru on this website, and I look forward to continue my learning with him :)

User Photo July 7, 2021
Payment verified US$ 25

Best Teacher; Tailor's to your needs ; Results Oriented ; Affordable.

My Hurdle was to Learn Math and Physics skills for computer programming, Tej has very excellent knowledge in Tailoring concepts and books according to your needs. He Tests me weekly and Bi Weekly Tests make sure I am understanding the concepts. I would definitely suggest Tej if you are looking to learn Mathematics, Physics.

User Photo May 24, 2021

Excellent Physics Tutor

He has everything that you are looking for. He has very clear concepts wrt physics as far as I know and can help in making yours too. He has solved many books too. Has deep knowledge in standard books like HC Verma , IE irodov etc. He is a too much friendly too. Teenager likely me found it very supportive as my concepts are very weak in physics and tejaswi sir is helping in clearing it.
Thank you
Ankit Chaurasia( email is of other person )
Class 12th JEE aspirant

User Photo May 23, 2021
Payment verified US$ 18

Amazing tutor for Flute

I connected with Tejaswi garu on Teacheron for learning.

After the first intro session I really felt that he is a patient and skilled teacher.
I feel lucky to learn Flute from Tejaswi garu. He really trains from the the basics. Relates the concepts of music with small and meaningful examples from physics and makes the whole interaction very interesting. His tips for practicing always helps me to learn quickly.

He is always flexible in timing and is always supportive of my time schedule together with time shift to Germany.

His friendly personality and sound knowledge in music enhances the whole learning experience.

Aditya Ghantasala
PhD student from Germany.

User Photo April 30, 2021
Payment verified US$ 20

Excellent Math tutor!

Tej is a great tutor and a blessing for my 9 year old daughter who was struggling with Math. He is very knowledgeable, animated , patient, funny, encouraging and was able to connect with my daughter right away. He explains challenging concepts in a way that made them more easily understood. His ability to convey his knowledge in a way that the student wants to come back for more learning is what sets him apart from previous tutors we have engaged. His philosophy seems to be to impart knowledge to everyone around him and never about monetary benefits. That said he is worth her hourly rate times ten. He is very organized , always on time, typically uses a whiteboard during session and sends me a note along with homework via WhatsApp at the end of the session. We live in the East coast of USA and Tej has been very flexible in terms of timing. The fact that my kid finishes Math class with a smile on her face is a testament to his ability. Very glad we found him.

User Photo April 24, 2021
Payment verified US$ 26.84

Perfect Modern Day Tutor

This is the first of my reviews for Tejashwi Sir. I connected with Tej Sir over Teacheron after I had posted a requirement for learning Bhagwat Gita from a modern standpoint.
He connected with me and ever since my perspective has been changing about the use of Gita in the modern times. He has very smoothly made me understand that the world as we see is different from what we need to see.

I can assure you this is not 'gyaan' as we get freely around. Tej sir is one who gives you logical (logical language for a newbie like me) explanations for things we aren't able to perceive.

I will try to keep posting more reviews as my training progresses.

User Photo April 13, 2021
Payment verified US$ 85.21 (7082.40 INR)

One of the best teachers for Physics - from fundamentals to the most advanced!

We engaged Tejaswi for teaching Physics to our daughter, studying in Class XI (CBSE), towards the end of the academic year with less than 2 weeks left for the final exams. The online school classes due to the pandemic was a great challenge for our daughter to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts. We were left with very little choice but to quickly find an accomplished tutor online who would be willing to take on the challenge of making her conceptual understanding thorough within a span of 10 days. We sifted through several accomplished tutors and zeroed in on Tejaswi based not only on his superlative academic credentials in advanced physics but also due to the immense confidence he gave us in taking up this tough task with his assurance, commitment and flexibility. The approach and quality of his teaching was such, our daughter was able to do really well in her final exams. We are continuing with Tejaswi for her Class XII Physics too. We would highly recommend him for anyone looking to learn Physics the right way.