Yahya Sami MERLA and Management Consultant, Freelance Trainer
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Yahya is a talented leader, trainer, capacity builder, coach and team player, with a creative imagination, ability to prioritize workload, arranging work demands, and a strong problem-solving ability through variety of critical situations, involving efforts coordination of a diverse workforce comprised of both foreign nationals and local Iraqis.

Yahya has more than three years of experience in teaching computer literacy, Windows OS, MS Office Apps package, preparation for IC3 online exams, computers maintenance (hardware and software), in addition to five years of experience in professional capacity building in MERLA (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning, and Accountability), projects management, general management, and MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) Establishment and Management.

Yahya is an Engineer by trade with more than Ten years of work experience with international and local entities, as well as embassies and consulates (especially US). Including more than Six years of projects management, construction works planning, coordination, and technical reporting. As well as QA/QC and HSE management in private sector. In addition to more than Four years in MERLA management, MEAL departments, systems and teams’ establishment, and capacity building, in the International Development and Humanitarian and Emergency Relief sectors (with multiple donors and implementing partners, including: USAID, DAI, UNHCR, Blumont (IRD), RI, OFDA, ECHO, OCHA, ZOA, GIZ and others). With additional experience in training, coaching, cash control, bookkeeping, and fundraising for aid and charity purposes.
Yahya possesses excellent computer, planning and organization skills, fully proficient in both Arabic and English. Has a very good knowledge about Iraqi and Middle East region conditions (political, economic, security, social, cultural and educational) with a wide overview regarding the U.S./Iraqi relations, and its developments.

Yahya enjoys very good interpersonal and communication skills, and is open to new ideas, enjoys motivating and inspiring people to meet their potentials. At the same time, always striving to improve his potentials, widen his experience and further develop his skills. Enjoys challenges and responsibilities that enables him to grow and adapt. Yahya prides himself for his punctuality and ability to meet challenges and deadlines, and not shying away from taking responsibility for his decisions and actions.


  • English (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Management (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Projects (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (Beginner-Expert)

  • Digital Literacy (Computers and IT) (Beginner-Expert)


  • MERLA Consultant, Management Specialist, Freelance Trainer and Engineer. (Jul, 2021Present) at Self-employed - Baghdad, Iraq.
    Yahya provides various services in Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning, and Accountability (MERLA) management, MEL systems, departments, and teams establishments, proposals preparation and design of programming for humanitarian, emergency relief, and international development projects, projects management. logistic support, supervision, planning, business administration, management and mainly engineering services, including (but not limited to); Projects Management, Supervision, QA/QC Management, HSSE Management, Implementation, Inspection, Detailed Reporting (as required), Technical documents preparation and updating (reports, tenders and work proposals), Work progress follow-up.

    Yahya also provides training sessions and capacity building sessions in M&E (MEL, MEAL, MERLA), Engineering, and MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) start-up, planning, and management.

    Available for long-term and/or short-term contracting, full-time and/or part-time. Willing to travel and relocate inside Iraq, MENA region or elsewhere (worldwide).
  • Acting MEL Director - The USAID-funded Iraq Governance and Accountability IGPA/Takamul Project (Jun, 2020Sep, 2020) at Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) Global LLC - Baghdad, Iraq.
    Acting MEL Director with DAI at USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul Project – during the transitional period between the departure of former MEL Director until the new Director assumed her duties. Major accomplishments achieved during this period, include (but not limited to);

    -Managed IGPA MEL unit by leading staff from all regional offices and reporting directly to IGPA COP.
    -Prepared Activity Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan (AMELP) for Fiscal Year 2021 (with main focus on MEL PMP Matrix and Performance Indicators Reference Sheets (PIRS)).
    -Co-worked on Fiscal Year 2021 IGPA and TO4 Work Plans and completing all MEL related parts (with main focus on Logical Framework sections for all IGPA/Takamul project components/objectives).
    -Successfully led and passed a Data Quality Assessment conducted by IBTCI (client TPM firm) based on client (USAID) request for Five of IGPA Performance Indicators (foreign assistance standard indicators), with full score and without findings. In addition to conducting three internal DQA dry runs to practice the DQA exercise with IGPA MEL unit staff.
    -Enhanced IGPA/Takamul project MEL systems and established new ones for processes monitoring, designed various and inclusive MEL tools for the project, including reporting templates, monitoring systems, indicators progress trackers, and many more.
    -Worked directly with IGPA COP and DCOP, as well as heads of other departments (Communications and Components/Objectives Technical Team Leads) on all quarterly reports sections sent to Client (USAID), by being fully responsible for MEL chapter and MEL related sections in these reports (Snapshots, Performance Indicators Progress, Statistics, Graphs, Charts, and others).
    -Enhanced the overall performance of MEL unit by increasing its work harmony and workload distribution, and providing capacity building for the MEL team members. Which eventually led to significant enhancement in the unit productivity, effectivity and efficiency.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Senior Specialist — The USAID-funded IGPA/Takamul Project (Jan, 2020Jun, 2021) at Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) Global LLC - Baghdad, Iraq.
    The purpose of the USAID funded Iraq Governance and Performance Accountability IGPA/Takamul project (total budget of $172 M USD, currently in Year 4 out of 6) is to advance effective, accountable, and transparent governance in Iraq. This USAID effort, conducted by DAI, will work with Iraqi Government to better respond to citizen needs by supporting reforms and change agents on governance and transparency, accountability, and economy. Supporting service delivery functions, public financial management, and open government. IGPA will support GOI and its citizens forming partnerships and collaborate to solve problems.

    - Enhance Government of Iraq (GoI) service delivery capacity
    - Improve public financial management
    - Strengthen monitoring and oversight of service delivery and public expenditure
    - Support Iraqi change agents (cross-cutting objective)

    Main responsibilities include (but not limited to);
    - Leading IGPA MEL team (Specialists and Assistants) by providing technical guidance and support, and capacity building exercises.
    - Work with MEL director to develop AMELPs and design MEL systems, work procedures and tools, and training staff on using it.
    - Co-create IGPA/Takamul project Complexity Aware Monitoring (CAM) Report on annual basis.
    - Supervise monitoring activities and reporting on findings.
    - Supervise data collection, cleaning, sorting and storing.
    - Perform data analysis and reporting on project results and implementation progress.
    - Managing the conduction of surveys, questionnaires, evaluations, assessments, and FGDs.
    - Work with Technical team and local partners on their work plans, including theories of change and project Learning part.
    - Work with MEL director on generating timely MEL reports on all project aspects.
    - Conduct periodic and regular internal Data Quality Assessments (DQAs) Dry Runs.
    - Contribute in success stories collection, drafting and reporting.
    - Train MEL staff and local partners on MEL tools, requirements and work procedures.
  • Country Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager (Jan, 2018Oct, 2019) at Relief International - Baghdad, Iraq.
    Yahya was promoted from a Senior M&E Officer/Team Leader to RI/IQ M&E Manager after six months of working with RI/IQ. On this role, he was responsible for managing M&E department (both sections; Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Data Management Section). Supervising four M&E Officers in Baghdad, Erbil, Anbar, Salahaldin and Kirkuk, as well as Data Management team of Officers, Assistants and Data Clerks in field teams and governorates offices. Yahya also contributed in preparing reports and indicators trackers following grants and programs' implementation progress. Yahya was also responsible for planning department activities and monitoring visits and preparing and finalizing internal and external reports for RI/IQ team, RI HQ in Washington DC and RI global donors. As well as representing RI/IQ M&E Department in Baghdad and attending internal and external meetings on that basis.
  • Senior Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer + RI/IQ M&E Team Lead (Jun, 2017Dec, 2017) at Relief International - Baghdad, Iraq.
    On this role, Yahya started with Relief International Iraq on June 2017 as a Senior M&E Officer, responsible for internal and external reporting, planning department activities and monitoring visits and preparing and finalizing internal and external reports for RI/IQ team, RI HQ in Washington DC and RI global donors. In addition to managing RI M&E Team in Iraq (five M&E Officers working in Baghdad, Anbar, Salahaddin, Erbil, Kirkuk, Ninewa and Duhok). As well as representing the M&E Manager in Baghdad and attending internal and external meetings on his behalf.
  • Assistant Project Manager (APM) in Iraq National Backbone (IRQNBB) Fiber Optics Network Project (Jun, 2016Dec, 2017) at EarthLink Telecommunications - Baghdad, Iraq.
    On this role, Yahya assisted the management of Iraq National Backbone (IRQNBB) Fiber Optics Cable Network Project for EarthLink- Symphony Telecoms joint venture (biggest two ISP companies in Iraq and KRI). Main duties included managing (20) site supervisors, (17) Contractors and their works across entire Iraq. Specifically, works of civil, building and construction nature within IRQNBB project requirements, including; direct bury and micro-trenching works (inside and outside main cities, respectively), sand-bedding, laying of fiber optic cables, HDPE protection sleeves, and warning tapes, as well as excavation and backfill activities, manholes and handholes installation and finishing, FOC splicing and joints checks, spare cables lengths (for safety), directional-boring for conduits beneath pavement, constructions and infra-structure services, in addition to many other responsibilities, all according to recognized global standards and agreed upon technical specifications. Providing general management and supervision, technical solutions and support, quality assurance and control, logistic support and updating works progress against planned schedule. As well as preparing and presenting detailed technical reports to project senior management, in addition to conducting regular visits and cross-inspection checks to the implementation sites, as well as QC related tasks upon all civil and construction, cable laying and installed FOCs connectivity checks related works in that project (total executional budget of $75.00 M USD along three years duration).
  • Freelance Engineer, M&E Consultant and Management Specialist. (Jan, 2016Dec, 2019) at Self-employed - Baghdad, Iraq.
    Managed the construction of a tennis court on behalf of the US Government DOS at US General Consulate in Basra, Iraq (as a project/site manager of contracting company’s team). This project was successfully completed and he is still working as a freelance engineer, The latest job was inspecting (and reporting in regards of) sixteen customized latrine and shower ablution trailers on behalf of the the US Government DOS at US General Consulate in Basra, Iraq. (more details are available upon request due to privacy).

    Yahya provided various services in logistic support, supervision, planning, business administration, management and mainly engineering services, including (but not limited to); Projects Management, Supervision, QA/QC Management, HSSE Management, Implementation, Inspection, Detailed Reporting (as required), Technical documents preparation and updating (reports, tenders and work proposals), Work progress follow-up.

    During late 2019, Yahya was successfully awarded some freelancing opportunities in MERLA (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning and Accountability) Consultancy and Local NGOs' staff Capacity Building and systems establishment.
  • Project Manager (Site Manager/Engineer, Coordinator, Administrative and Interpreter) (Jul, 2015Dec, 2015) at Abaq Al-Teeb Contracting and General Trade - Basrah, Iraq.
    Project Manager, Site Manager, Project Engineer, Coordinator, Planner, Interpreter (at Site) and Formal Documents Translator (Tenders & Contracts) on the project of Tennis Courts construction on behalf of the the U.S. Government DOS at the U.S. Consulate General in Basrah, Iraq.

    In spite of the numerous hardships and difficulties faced during the course of the implementation (including quality of available materials, high temperatures during the summer season in Basrah, as well as the high security restriction inside the Consulate compound in regard to materials, equipment and machinery entry and exit), through the client patience and our determination and commitment, Yahya was able to deliver a quality end-product that guaranteed the client satisfaction (and was granted appreciation and gratitude letters for that) and the project was closed successfully within time and allocated budget.
  • Shareholder/Partner and Finance Director (Nov, 2013Sep, 2016) at Al-Yarmouk Gym for Fitness and Bodybuilding - Baghdad, Iraq.
    Small/local project, adopted with two friends as a side hustle and secondary income source. After three years, the entire project was sold as an entire project, mainly shareholders did not have enough time to run it anymore, and the progress was slow.

    The project was not started from zero, as we (three partners) bought the gym when it was offered for sale by the owner who decided to leave Iraq. The decision was developed as a small investment idea, in addition to place to gather friends and neighborhood youth to spent some useful time, as well as providing work opportunities for unemployed youth from the neighborhood.
  • Assistant Project Manager (APM) (Nov, 2013Feb, 2015) at CENOR - Consultores, S.A.
    CENOR role in this project was to provide Technical Supervision and Support for Baghdad Governorate (Client) that includes the following duties; Executed Quantities Estimation, Quantities Survey, Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Invoice Control.
    The project included maintenance, rehabilitation and expansion (including pavement, lighting, plantation and modern irrigation) for three sections of the named road for a total length of 80.15 Km, eight pedestrians overpasses (1 span and 2 spans POs), three viaducts (intermediate size), two rest area (large size)
    Project works was initiated on February, 2013. And were concluded by June 2016. (CENOR Contract was finished earlier though).

    - Client: Baghdad Governorate
    - Supervisor: CENOR Consultores
    - Contractor: Bairaq Al-Ameer Co.

    Yahya's role in this project was to manage the project and be the link between the project manager based in Lisbon, Portugal and engineers staff in the project location in Baghdad.
    In addition to preparation of monthly reports, design review reports and all other supervision documents like NCRs, Design suggestions, Technical notes and so on.
  • Manager of Accommodation Camp, Administration and Finance (May, 2013Oct, 2013) at Al-Kherbeet for Contracting, General Trade, and Public Transport
    Employment Status: Part time job (during my work as QA/QC Manager with Danube General Contracting)

    • Managing an accommodation camp sheltering more than 100 individuals (engineers, technicians, operators, foremen, workers ... etc.), in terms of all logistic services and logistics staff management.
    • Registration for bidding opportunities and new projects’ proposals and offers and related works beginning from creation (including technical and commercial offers), submitting and follow-up.
    • Administration, Finance & Accounting Manager for Water Intake project.
    “Civil & Building Works in Water Intake Area” project At West Qurna 2 (WQ2) | 2nd Phase Oil Field Project.
    • Other responsibilities like contracts negotiations with SECL, business meetings (with the Korean side), work progress follow-up and security coordination.

    Owner (beneficiary); Iraqi South Oil Company (SOC).
    Client; LUKOIL Oil Company.
    Contractor; Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd. (SECL).
    Sub-Contractor; Al Kherbet Company.
  • Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC) Manager (Feb, 2013Dec, 2013) at Danube Group for Contracting
    After serving as Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Manager for nearly two months, Yahya was promoted to Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Manager at Well Pad Project (Clusters #7, #8 & #10).
    The Project was being carried-out at West Qurna 2 Oilfield Project / Second Phase.

    Client: South Oil Company
    Company: LUKOIL
    Contractor: Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd.
    Sub-Contractor: Danube Group for General Contracting

    Well Pad Project Scope was accomplishing the Civil Works and Building Works for the three clusters mentioned above. Through all this, QA/QC Manager had the following Responsibilities;

    1. Ensuring the the job is being performed according to the specifications and with the accepted level of quality (all civil and building work steps are included).
    2. Being responsible for all QC documents like AFIs (Application for Inspection), MARs (Material Approval Requests), Method Statements, QC Transmittals, ...etc.
    3. Following-up with Drawings and Specifications Updates and Revisions.
    4. Quantities Surveying and Amounts Estimations, in addition to preparing the BOQs, Bar Bending Schedules, accomplished work quantities schedules and all other related details.
    5. Preparing all the documents needed for the invoice requests and related financial matters.
    In addition to other responsibilities.
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Manager (Jan, 2013Feb, 2013) at Danube Group for Contracting
    Worked as HSSE (Health, Security, Safety, & Environment) Manager for nearly 60 Days before getting promoted to a QA/QC Manager at the same company for the same project.

    Responsibilities: Ensuring that all personnel, equipment and machinery are working safely and according to HSE policy to guarantee safe working environment for all employees.
    In addition to carrying-out and submitting all HSE documents such as, Daily Work Permits (with all details), Safety Reports, Security Reports and mailings, and all kinds of work site safety inspections and related issues.
  • Site Manager / Civil Structural Engineer (Oct, 2012Jan, 2013) at Abaq Al-Teeb Contracting and General Trade - Baghdad, Iraq.
    Yahya managed several construction and building projects of small to medium size inside the U.S. Embassy Compound in Baghdad on behalf of the U.S. Government DOS as our Client. Yahya main duties included providing engineering supervision and technical advice and guidance for all civil and building works at work sites, English / Arabic interpretation at site as well as documents translation, in addition to representing the company in face to face meetings with our client, and reporting to both Contractor and Client in Arabic and English (respectively), as well as handling all formal correspondences with the client on behalf of the contractor.

    Projects worked on included (but not limited to); the Chief of Mission Residence and the Deputy Chief of Mission Residence (CMR and DCMR) hardscape and landscape upgrades, the Dining Facility (D-FAC) Terrace Upgrades, and the Power Plant Walls Upgrades. All projects were completed successfully within time and allocated budget.
  • IT Trainer and Computers Technician (Jun, 2010Nov, 2012) at Al-Khalid Institute for Foreign Languages and Computer Skills
    Employment Status: Part time job (during the time as a student in Engineering College at University of Mustansiriyah)

    Trainer in Microsoft Windows OS (XP and higher) and Microsoft Office Applications Package, personal computers installation and maintenance (desktops and laptops, hardware and software), as well as providing preparation lessons and training session on IC3 online exam (2005 and 2007 versions), in addition to the responsibility of installation and maintenance of computer systems and wireless Networks (+100 devices) at the institute’s headquarters in Al Yarmouk - Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Technician and Salesman (Jun, 2008Nov, 2012) at Windows Office for Computers and Wireless Networks Services
    Employment Status: Part time job (during my time as a student in Engineering College at University of Mustansiriyah).

    Responsible for the installation and maintenance of computer systems and wireless Networks, in addition to general sales management.


  • Training Courses and Certificates (Jun, 2010Jun, 2021) from Numerous training centers, organizations, and institutions
  • Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering (Oct, 2007Oct, 2012) from University of Mustansiriyahscored 61%
  • Secondary (Sep, 1999Sep, 2007) from Al-Mutamaizeen 'The Distinguished' Secondary School in Al-Harithiyahscored 88.8%

Fee details

    Dinar50,000100,000/hour (US$34.2668.52/hour)

    Hourly fees may vary depending on the duration of the contract, type and nature of the job, whether the work will be done remotely/online or physically/on-ground. Also, if the employer will provide all work devices, materials and equipment or these will be provided by the contractor. In addition to many other details, like income taxation, social security, allowances and compensation package, that must be taken into account before determining the final hourly fee of the contract.


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