Muhammad Ali Teacher
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Peace be upon you.
Thanks to ALLAH for blessing me with memorising the Holly Qur'an.
I'm passionate about teaching and memorising the Holly Qur'an.
It is an all-benefit work.
I'll be very patient to listen and politely correct your recitation.
I'll help you to improve your Tajweed skills.
I'll try to get an satisfied agreement about quantity of hifz, but, quality must be good enough ; There is no room for discussion about this.
Try to help yourself by memorising the Qur'an all the day .
It's an All-benefit work, I say.
Finally, thanks alot to your determination to memorising the Holly Qur'an.


  • Qur'an and Tajweed (Beginner-Intermediate)


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  • Bachelor of engineering (Jul, 2015Jul, 2019) from Al-Azhar University in Cairo

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    £1/hour (US$0.06/hour)

    Will not vary


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