MANAKKAL SRIRAM Mridangam and Vocal Music Specialist
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I am a performing Mridangam and vocal music artist. I've been performing since the age of 8. Having been trained by the greatest master of the art - my guru Sri Palghat Mani Iyer, and also my father Manakkal Rangarajan (vocalist), I have been living and breathing music as my passion and profession and have accompanied several top artists in India and abroad for more than 50 years now. I am an A grade artist of All India Radio and have performed in various Sabhas, temples, fusion concerts and television programmes. My arangetram was for the great legend Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar.
I was also employed full time in BHEL.
I have been teaching vocal and Mridangam classes part time for many years. And I have taken this up full time after my retirement from my corporate job and I have music students ranging from as young as 5 years old to 70 years old.
I truly believe that music can change our lives in ways we cannot even imagine and it is my biggest dream to share the gift of music and guide my students as they grow and flourish in the world of music.
My style and methodology of teaching will be detailed and customized based on my assessment of the needs and requirements of the students in order to cater to their specific needs. The classes will be enjoyable and insightful at the same time, it will be a fully immersive experience and my current music students can vouch for the same.
Music is my greatest passion and there is nothing that equals the joy of imparting and sharing the beauty of it with students who are genuinely interested.
Do reach out if you want to learn vocal or Mridangam both online/virtual as well as real time offline classes. Looking forward to a beautiful musical journey ahead!


  • Carnatic Music Beginner-Expert

  • Vocal Music Beginner-Expert

  • Vocal Beginner-Expert

  • Mridangam Beginner-Expert

  • Carnatic Music (Vocal) Beginner-Expert

  • Carnatic Classical vocal Beginner-Expert

  • Carnatic Classical Drumming Beginner-Expert

  • Carnatic Classical Drumming - Mridangam Beginner-Expert

  • Vocal carnatic music Beginner-Expert

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  • Carnatic Classical Music Beginner-Expert

  • Carnatic classical music indian Beginner-Expert

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  • Carnatic Classical and Devotional - Vocal Beginner-Expert

  • Carnatic singing Beginner-Expert

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  • Vocal Coaching Beginner-Expert

  • Vocal Classical Beginner-Expert

  • Miridangam Beginner-Expert

  • Music - Vocals Beginner-Expert


  • Musician (Jan, 1970Present) at Performing vocal and Mridangam artist
    Performing vocal and Mridangam artist


  • Performing artist (Jan, 1970now) from Performing vocal and Mridangam artist

Fee details

    4,0006,000/month (US$47.9071.86/month)

    Fees will vary basis duration, time, residence, location and needs of the student


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