Aaryan Sinha Roy Python,c,c++, full stack web development tutor
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I will teach my student with utmost efficiency, giving them a framework to learn and practice their newly acquired skills.

as computer science is largely about intellect and practice, I will assign them important and meaningful assignments to complete

at the end of each week, the student will take a test, so I can evaluate which topic he/she is struggling with. It will also give them the confidence they need.

up to 2 extra classes per week with no extra cost.

following this researched methodology of teaching, the student will complete the course in record time.


  • JAVA (Grade 6-Grade 11)

  • C (Grade 6-Grade 11)

  • Web Design and Development (Grade 7-Grade 11)

  • Python 3 (Grade 6-Grade 11)

  • C++ Programing (Grade 6-Grade 11)


No experience mentioned.


  • Higher Secondary (Apr, 2021now) from Silverpoint high school,kolkata
  • Secondary (Apr, 2020Feb, 2021) from THE BGES SCHOOL (ICSE)

Fee details

    5001,500/week (US$6.7220.16/week)

    python3- 3 days a week: INR 500 per week
    c++ 3 days a week: INR 600 per week
    C 3 days a week INR 450 per week
    Java 3 days a week INR 500 per week
    web development 4 days a week 1500 per week


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