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I am a fully qualified and experienced Maths and Science teacher. An organized professional with proven teaching, guidance and counseling skill. Having a strong track record in improving test score student,
making a study plan include how I can improve the quality of study material without making student feel stressed about this. Skilled at communicating complex materials and simplify them. I wanna join as your team to contribute my knowledge and skills to arrange the materials, how to plan and looking forward about the perspective of education and what should students focused on when they learn about something, I have a plan to change the mindset that everything students learn about are related with their daily problems. I love to challenge my self to be a skillfull person.. I have an idea to create website in my private course for make my students clearly understand about the material, so I will receive their feedback through the testimonials and great achievement of them. I really love to make a plan, develop and solve students problems about their difficultness in simplify what they learned about. I also used to hear about their problems in understand the materials in school, or give an advice for them about what should they do, recommend the best way in learning so they can reach their dreams especially about the university they
wanted. Besides parents often ask me to make a plan or simplify the curriculum in school so that their children will study with me step by step. And understand everything they studied about and also the
concept in it. So far, I already taught students with Cambridge curriculum about 8-10 students. Even now I have been teaching a college student from KIT University since October 2021 till now. I have hundreds students who are successfully reach some of the best university in Indonesia, Australia and Germany.


  • Chemistry (A level)

  • Physics (A Level)

  • A Level Mathematics


  • ceo and teacher (Aug, 2016Present) at sigmafia.com
    teach, create video learning, plan and develop the system with my IT team and also make some worksheet just to make sure that students clearly understand about the material and the concepts i've taught.
  • part of academic section (Jul, 2016Jul, 2018) at HMPS
    Create some materials and questions about a related area.


  • M,Pd. (Aug, 2019Sep, 2021) from Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha Singarajascored 3,51
  • S,Pd. (Aug, 2015Aug, 2019) from Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasarscored 3,63

Fee details

    Rp200,000450,000/hour (US$13.0729.4/hour)

    online : (IDR 200000-300000)
    offline : (IDR 250000-450000)


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