Zunaira Arshad PhD Mathematics with 5+ years of experience
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I had been in the academic for 5 years. My mathematical background gives me an advantage in math content while my teaching experience and Education degree give me an advantage in the teaching approach.I have a 5+ years revel in quantitative responses across the scholarly world and endeavor. Familiar with MATLAB and JavaScript. I am proficient in Excel.i have created (and prepared individuals to increment) numerical styles in the money related venture, but with records assessment skills which may be adaptable to various businesses. for instance, I once developed a model to are expecting practicing type from reps records.Since my childhood math was my favorite module. I have more than 5 years of experience in tutoring math.
i'm as of now not reluctant to consider out the-holder. In a first action, I supported for a fresh out of the box new procedure to be utilized for positive computations, despite the fact that it changed into to be had exclusively in instructive papers and wasn't drilled among big business friends.I give a top rate coaching appreciate for my understudies. I canvases with various first class mentoring gatherings however am ready to give my contributions at a less expensive rate through Upwork.This isn't just schoolwork help- - I will help frame your understudy's fantasies and learning options, and expand a totally one of a kind strategy to get them in which they need to be.i am extremely vigorous in my field and continually love to simply acknowledge demands and like to work in a serious climate. along the edge of my ordinary mentoring, I have been associated with different other test prepares that requires serious assessment of investigate necessities and arrangement of course frameworks which may be effectively versatile in nature.My numerical verifiable past gives me a benefit in mathematical substance material even as my instructing revel in and tutoring confirmation convey me a benefit inside the educating technique.i am capable in showing number-crunching, from easy to college level. I had shown grade school, center school, and secondary school number-crunching for a considerable length of time. likewise, I had shown college Algebra, Trigonometry, insights and Pre-Calculus to school understudies for a considerable length of time.Each student learns differently so I have developed several different ways to explain each topic that focus on what each learner struggles with.I have extensive experience in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 as well as several years tutoring Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, SAT math, and ACT math, with brief experience with AP Calculus.
I love the subject of mathematics and teaching and I can't imagine doing anything else. As your math tutor, It is my goal to help you understand and appreciate mathematics and become a more confident math student. I am committed to your success and I will not only help you succeed in your current math course but will also teach you the foundational skills and tools necessary to excel in future classes. I most enjoy the process of developing a student's understanding from the foundations. All too often, teachers of math are not familiar with the foundations of what they teach and cannot discuss the motivation behind the definitions and facts that students are required to learn and understand. This is unfortunate. I have an exceptional understanding of how and why math concepts "work" and am excited to share this with students.My favorite idea about tutoring math is seeing students gain confidence in themselves and develop their critical thinking skills. These concepts, while useful in a math setting, pay great dividends in other classes and in everyday life too!

My numerical history gives me a benefit in number related content while my instructing revel in and preparing degree give me a benefit inside the educating approach.I'm capable in showing math, from essential to school level. I had shown grade school, center staff, and high school number-crunching for a considerable length of time. moreover, I had shown college Algebra, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus to college understudies for quite some time .Experienced in working with numerical styles that outfit in insights, financial number-crunching, data mining, sport thought, calculations, etc. furthermore, because of the reality 2011 i'm preparing instructing and coaching (on the web and distant) in various parts of science (assessment, polynomial math, likelihood, tasks studies, monetary number-crunching, so on). talented at fast problem tackling, with clean factors.
I particularly love helping students excel in pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, calculus, statistics, probability, Microsoft excel, Differential equations...I apply my knowledge of best practices to maximize your response rates and the reliability and usefulness of your results. I guarantee you’ll be happy with the service I provide! I have experience communicating statistical concepts to those with any quantitative skill level. I make it a priority to listen to and fully understand the goals of my client prior to...
I have advanced evaluation and statistical analytic skills and am fluent in Stata and SPSS and have been developing my analytic skills using R to where I am now comfortable. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and have experience tutoring in both Excel and mathematics.I have meticulous attention to detail, and will complete work to the highest standard every time.I have covered subjects including, calculus, statistics, and multi-variable regression modeling. i've been showing Math for extra than five years which incorporates extra than long periods of on line coaching. on the off chance that you need a Math teach for your child or little girl, i'm ready to help you inside the wonderful conceivable way earnestly.I train Pre-Calculus, Pre-Algebra, normal and incomplete differential equations,Algebra II, Calculus 1, data,excessive personnel Geometry, etc.i have labored for quite a long time inside the instructing region with the subjects of science, physical science, science, English, variable based math and data; mentoring understudies from secondary school and college.Experienced in working with mathematical models that arise in statistics, financial mathematics, data mining, game theory, algorithms and so on. Also, since 2013 I'm practicing teaching and tutoring (online and remote) in various branches of mathematics (analysis, algebra, probability, operations research, financial mathematics, so on). Skilled at fast problem solving, with clear explanations.The keys to our world are increasingly focused on scientific understanding and data analytics. My background in theoretical physics, technical writing, and data analysis has allowed me to help dozens of clients analyze and maximize their work for success today! i have accomplished on line mentoring and worksheet tackling position ahead of time successfully.apart from that, I in the primary compose reads up Articles for gatherings and diaries (incredibly, I will artistic creations in any space, nonetheless, I choose the work related task, homework,quiz, mission, on line test, review paper.you may track down some of the ones applicable works down here. feel loosened to contact me assuming you need my assistance as an instruct or for your examinations project or any related assistance in accordance with my themes.Knowledge and skills that I have gained from my work include, but are not limited to, effectively teaching Physics and Mathematics to all year levels, creating learner modules, coaching students for science-related quiz bees, and developing various types of assessments for the subjects I'm teaching. I love learning and is very eager to learn new things.I am proficient in teaching Mathematics, from basic to university level. I had taught grade school, middle school, and high school Mathematics for two years. Also, I had taught College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus to college students for 5 years.I have 5 years experience of online teaching and I am tutoring pre-calculus,Algebra, Functions, Advance Functions, physics and electrical engineering subjects.This isn't just homework help .I'll help define your student's goals and learning preferences, and develop a unique approach to get them where they want to be. I have worked on fiverr before as online tutor, I am patient with kids and currently already teaching kids as permanent tutor through out the year and help them learn and understand the topics they are struggling in. I have expertise in algebra, geometry, statistics, partial and ordinary differential equations and calculus. I use zoom for online lessons. I will help you or your kids in strengthening their mathematics skills .I am a problem-solving oriented individual with a keen ability to learn quickly and adapt to diverse settings, with experience in Data Science, especially Predictive Modeling, and Mathematical Optimization. My business intuition and communication skills will enable me to make a quick impact and deliver high-quality results for your business.I really enjoy math and have a way about getting the point across to students who are having trouble on a particular topic. I love to tutor and I get so excited when my students "get it". I communicate math in a fun, easy to understand way, and help my students gain an increased confidence in their ability to do math.I have taught classes in preparation for actuarial exams and have tutored students in math in many levels, including elementary and middle school math, high school math: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus, as well as College level Algebra, Statistics, Calculus and Linear Algebra. I love tutoring and seeing the smile on a student's face when they finally understand a topic with which they may have been struggling. i am very patient with my college students and like it after they ask masses of questions! i am capable of educate pre-college publications (ACT, SAT, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, pre-calculus, competition arithmetic), university-level publications (discrete arithmetic, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, variety idea, facts, combinatorics, chance, actual evaluation, complex analysis, summary algebra, Galois concept, Lebesgue principle, topology, set theory, good judgment). I can also coach graduate math courses like practical evaluation, degree theory, group representations, and algebraic topology.I believe that all students can learn, sometimes they just need the topic explained one on one or in a different approach. I want to help each student achieve their best and watch them improve.I really enjoy working with students, to see the success they achieve, and ultimately, to see math become a pleasant experience.

You can contact me if you want to prepare SAT,ACT or similar kind of placement tests,For over five years I have been a trusted guide to many students as they navigate the academic world. I particularly love helping students excel in pre-algebra, Algebra I, statistics and probability, partial and ordinary differential equations.I am precise and concise. Work completed by me will be done with accuracy and on time.I focus on my students understanding concepts rather than memorizing methods, and I use a lot of real-life problems to make the math more relatable to everyday life.I tend to under-promise and over-deliver.If you're a student experiencing either of these realities or a parent of one, let me partner with you to achieve understanding and success in mathematics.Let me know if you have any questions or inquiries, I'm always checking to meet new students!I would love to speak with you and see if I can be a service to your educational pursuits!I love helping students find the humor in math! If you want a fun, patient and qualified math tutor, contact me for more info!


  • Elementary Mathematics Expert

  • Management Assignment Guidance Expert

  • Data analysis R programming Expert

  • Pre-algebra Expert

  • SAT Math 1 and 2

  • Numerical methods in Mechanical engineering Expert

  • Algebra 1, 2, 3 Expert

  • MATLAB based Modelling / Simulation / Optimization Expert

  • Linear Assignment problem Expert

  • Algebra, Geometry, Plane and Spherical Trigonometry Expert

  • Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry Expert

  • Chemistry (Bachelor level)

  • Abstract Algebra with Topology Expert

  • Statistics and Probability (Advanced) Expert

  • Abstract Algebra & Linear Algebra Expert

  • Physics (Cambridge AS & A level)

  • Numerical and Statistical computing Expert

  • Data Analysis through SPSS and Excel for project Expert

  • Geometry (Engineering Drawing) Expert

  • Physics (Bachelor)


  • Professor (May, 2017Aug, 2021) at BZU. Multan Pakistan
    I love to teach Mathematics. I have been teaching Math for more than five years which includes more than two years of online tutoring.

    If you need a Math tutor for your son or daughter, then I will surely help you in the best possible way.

    I tutor Pre-Calculus, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus 1, High School Geometry, etc.

    Please check my feedbacks in the work history. I have a lot of five-star feedbacks (especially related to Math jobs).

    I have tutored students from various parts of the world like the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, etc. I have got all the equipment required for the arrangement of smooth online tutoring...


  • PhD physics (Jul, 2012Jan, 2014) from comsats university islamabadscored 95%
  • PhD Mathematics (Mar, 2010Apr, 2012) from Punjab University, lahore, pakistanscored 95%

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