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Seeking on opportunity to use my knowledge and talent to educate children and make them ready for today world.
.command over subject
.good communication
.strong body language
.Good sence of humor
.Show modeling- it is important to show them exactly how to do it.student don't always know if they's doing agood job without telling them.
.experientail learning
.mistakes- makes andexample with mistakes.
.inquired guided instruction - they remember the concepts better and more fully.
.in the past few decades,traditional teaching pedagogies have considerably evolved.the old school teaching strategies are now over taken by cultureally responsive learning styles and teachnology . with the rapid adavancement of education,it has become more important .than ever for teachers to change their teaching style and adapt according to their student.
The morden teaching pedagogies involve five primary strategies to improve the learning experience of student in the class .


  • Science (Grade 2-Grade 5)

  • Maths & Reasoning (Grade 2-Grade 3)

  • Hindi (CBSE) (Grade 2-Grade 6)


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  • (Apr, 2016now) from GLA University, Mathura

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    15,00020,000/hour (US$185.0246.67/hour)

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