Adere Tarekegne Habte MSC in chemistry, now I am Ph.D student
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I have thought for more than 10 years as a chemistry head teacher at the high school level. in addition to that, I have been thought at the university level for undergraduate students for 5 years as a lecturer and assistant professor of chemistry. Now I am a Ph.D. student in Taiwan since February 2021. Therefore, I am interested to share my knowledge as well as experience with that student who wants to improve his/her chemistry knowledge. Mostly I followed the student center method instead of the teacher center method with the support of pedagogical teaching aids. why I prefer this method, to improve my student's teaching-learning process that makes them creative, socially interactive, reasonable, and problem solvers.
The output of my students was assessed in different ways such as through quizzes, class tests, assignments, mid-exam, and final-exam methods. based on these assessment techniques, I identify the student level that helps me to give support to my students and improve their performance.
'' a teacher without pedagogical aid is a monkey without tree''
Ming chi University of technology, New Taipei City, Taiwan
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  • Maths Grade 5-Grade 10

  • Chemistry Grade 9-Bachelors/Undergraduate

  • Chemistry (A level)


  • PhD student (Feb, 2021Jun, 2022) at Ming Chi University of Technology; Taipei, Taiwan
    Now a day I am Ph.D. student at Ming chi university of technology
  • Assistant professor of chemistry (Dec, 2020Feb, 2021) at Woldia University, Woldia City
    I promoted from lecturer to assistant professor
  • Lecturer of chemistry (Nov, 2016Dec, 2020) at Woldia University, Woldia City
    I have thought as a chemistry (inorganic chemistry) lecturer
  • chemistry head teacher (Sep, 2006Nov, 2016) at Tinshu metti secondary and preparatory school, Godere, Ethiopia
    I have thought the chemistry as a head teacher more than 10 years


  • Higher education teaching certificate (Sep, 2019Jul, 2020) from Wollo University, Dessie
  • MSC (Jul, 2013Apr, 2016) from Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar
  • BED (Sep, 2003Jul, 2006) from Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar

Fee details

    NT$450700/hour (US$14.9823.30/hour)

    the fee should be varied according to class level and subject nature.


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