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We are a team of worldclass IB and Cambridge Experienced Faculties. We provide global education accross the curriculum with reasonable fee. Our result is Best in the any institue worldwide. We have all faculties engaged with IB Examinership, Leadership or Cambridge Examiners. We believe the most important aspect in a safe and positive learning environment is the rapport between a teacher and his or her students. When the students understand that their teacher cares about them and wants them to do well, students feel comfortable asking questions, making mistakes and taking risks in order to learn something new. To build these kinds of relationships, the teacher should take interest in each student's strengths and interests, as well as their struggles and frustrations. He or she needs to act as a positive model for learning and celebrating achievements. When the students see that their teacher can learn from his or her mistakes, and laugh even in times when he or she feels frustrated, the students will feel much more comfortable to do the same.

Creating a classroom community and culture remain another necessary aspect when fostering a safe learning environment. Students need to understand what they have in common with their fellow learners in the classroom. It is the teacher's job to create this community so all students will get along and celebrate one another's differences. Strong classroom communities can form in a variety of ways. Throughout daily activities the students should be part of a collaborative learning effort, sharing their strengths and encouraging each other. The teacher also may introduce a number of jobs or responsibilities students need to complete in order to maintain the physical classroom. This shows students that they need to count on one another, and it keeps students accountable for their own learning environment as well. Classroom jokes, traditions and pets are other ways to build a strong community. When students enjoy each other's company, they are more likely to be accepting and feel safe in the environment.

Another important responsibility of the teacher is to develop a learning environment where students feel motivated to learn within the boundaries and expectations of a safe classroom. By modeling and encouraging a safe environment and purposeful rules, students feel motivated to do the right thing and help one another. It is important for teachers to put an emphasis on intrinsic motivation in the classroom to keep students interested and invested in their own learning goals. In addition, extrinsic motivators help students understand the expectations of the classroom and aid in their intrinsic motivation. These kinds of motivators include praise, positive reinforcement and rewards for exceptional behavior.


  • IBDP Hindi

  • IB TOK (Diploma)

  • IBDP Biology

  • IBDP Chemistry HL SL

  • AS & A level Mathematics

  • IBDP Economics HL/SL

  • IB French (Grade 7-Grade 12)

  • IBDP English

  • SAT 2 Math level 2

  • IBDP Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL

  • IBDP Mathematics Analysis and Approaches SL

  • IBDP Mathematics Applications and Interpretation HL

  • IBDP Mathematics Applications and Interpretation SL

  • Cambridge A level Business Studies and Economics

  • IB physics HL

  • IB Biology SL/HL

  • A and AS Chemistry

  • Chemistry A level & AS level

  • IBDP Business Management

  • IGCSE 10 Mathematics


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