Muhtasim Rabib Excel.
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Teaching is best done when a person has crystal clear concepts of the subjects that they teach. Learning is best done through spaced repetitions. Learning something also requires a lot of heart and courage. Once something is learned, nothing and no one can take this away from a person. People usually focus on the hard work required in the learning process, but if you truly enjoy a subject, time itself melts and hard work becomes involuntary like breathing.
I myself have done A-levels in physics, chemistry and mathematics. One thing I have learned throughout these years is that application of knowledge is a lot powerful process than knowledge itself, in other words randomly memorizing a bunch of text from some random textbooks, and I strive to teach my students to focus on this. This is how I am different from some other people out there


  • Chemistry (Grade 8-A2 level)

  • Physics (Grade 7-A2 level)

  • Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelors/Undergraduate)

  • Excel (Basic) (Grade 7-Diploma)

  • Math (International A Level)


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  • Bsc. Computer Science and Engineering (Jan, 2018now) from northsouth university. dhaka

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    10100/hour (US$0.10.99/hour)


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