MD Ibrahim Khalil Arabic language, Quran &Hadis
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Assalamu Alaikum : Dear Brothers and Sisters I am Hafej,Mawlana & Mufti MD Ibrahim Khalil. I was born in Bangladesh. I work as a teacher of religion and preacher to Allah in Dhaka-Bangladesh and teaching Arabic language. I have memorized the Holy Quran with tajweed and also I have an experience of 15years in teaching the Holy Quran with tajweed. I am expert in noorani qayeda, bagdadya and reading Quran to childrens, Man- Woman and any ages.I make a plan for every student to make it easy to see the result Hope to be very useful for you. I will be very happy to help others to learn Quran. I have graduated from National University, gajipur Dhaka.bangladesh .my subjects name islamic stadise .free" i ''I'm professional in teaching the Holy Quran, tajweed,Islamic studies and Arabic language for all ages (males or females)I have 15 years experience of teaching Quran and Arabic and i have more than 1000 hour in teaching online.more than 2000 hours in different institutes and online via skype and zoom from 2006). I have taught more than 100 students (men&women&kids) in different countries all over the world.I have students from America, Canada, London, Australia and many of countries in the world via the Internet who can not speak Arabic, even now i have a good experience in the education of the Arabs and non-Arabs . I will take you from zero level to advance level in a good way in reading In Sha Allah. with me you will be able to recite the Quran and do Hifz with the tajweed rules easily and in a short time you will read with your self without any help because I have good method in teaching Quran and tajweed and Arabic also and i will teach you step by step. if you interested to learn Quran or tajweed or recitation or Hifz or Arabic just send me message and send invitation for me and get a free class in any time you want on this website I would like to help any one to learn my lovely language.Read less
My reading way " Skype, msenger, imo and others device...."100% inshaallah ....


  • Arabi grammar (Masters/Postgraduate)

  • Qur'an and Arabic for non Arabs (Masters/Postgraduate)

  • Islamic studies and Qura'anic studies, Tajweed, Hadith, Nazirah (Masters/Postgraduate)


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  • Hafez Mawlana Mufti & BA Honours (islamic studies) & Fazil (Jan, 2006Jan, 2017) from Qowmi Madrasha, Dhaka College, & Dhaka Alia Madrashascored 3:80

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    8,00010,000/month (US$76.5995.74/month)

    My reading way " Skype, msenger, imo and others device...."100% inshaallah ....


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