MOHD SYEED TEELI Fine-Arts and Political science Teacher
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If you are not interested in studying or getting average grades on the exams or want to achieve your dreams/ imaginations, then you are in the right place. I am here for you to develop your seeing, understanding and thinking perspectives that are not framed and limited.
I will train you on how to research and develop research methodologies to construct your dreams.
I will teach you fine arts (painting), Western art history, aesthetics, Political science, global governance, global citizenship and monotheistic theologies.
I will technically make you professional in website designing, creative arts, and google and Microsoft soft apps. I will revise the concepts and assignments freely until you will make your perfect.
I will train your mind as a way to make you analytical, creative, psychological, philosophical and artistic. However,
it would be all over development that you will be ready to take on challenges at any time. Furthermore, I will develop your technics and digital methods. That will solve your problems of survival in this contemporary world.



  • Painting Grade 10-Masters/Postgraduate

  • Fine Arts Beginner-Expert

  • Global Citizenship Grade 11-Masters/Postgraduate

  • Political Science and Global Studies Grade 11-Masters/Postgraduate


  • Art Teacher (Aug, 2021Oct, 2021) at jawahar navodaya vidhyalaya
    Contractual art teacher
  • Founder and Ceo (Oct, 2019Present) at World through art
    Doing A- Z work :


  • Master of Arts (Jan, 2019Jul, 2021) from IGNOUscored Ist Div
  • Master of Fine arts (Jul, 2018Oct, 2020) from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketanscored A+
  • Diploma in Global Governance (Jan, 2018Feb, 2019) from IBMI Berlin, Germanyscored 93.67%
  • Diploma in English (Jan, 2016Dec, 2016) from Shaw Academyscored A++
  • Bachelor of Visual Arts (Mar, 2013May, 2018) from University of Kashmirscored 87.66%

Fee details

    $519/hour (US$519/hour)

    Depends on the student and his selection whether, he/she will choose online or offline classes.


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