Anwaar Taha Chemistry
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Hello, I am Anwaar . I am an experienced chemistry teaching assistant for 7 years and would love to help you in your journey of learning Chemistry with a better understanding of it and guide you in your preparation of IB, GCSE, IGCSE, AP, SAT and GRE examinations. I have profound knowledge in Organic and inorganic Chemistry . I have taught to different levels from beginners to advanced levels. I help students to solve their assignments and homework problems. My teaching methodology will help in enhancing your level of chemistry.


  • Chemistry (Grade 1-Doctorate/PhD)


  • Teaching assistant (Apr, 2018Present) at 6 October University
    I am a hardworking person who presents excellent teaching services to students . I can offer easy ways for students to understand chemistry better. in addition to that, i can prepare exams with different levels for all kinds of students .


  • PhD (Aug, 2022now) from Cairo University Faculty of Science

Fee details

    £2050/hour (US$1.042.61/hour)


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