Pravin Kumawat Yoga therapist
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I make the practice of asanas easy to high. I give exercises according to the ability of the learner. And get each asana done properly so that the learner gets maximum benefit without any injury. Last time or during the practice tell about benifits and losses do wrong. Each prectice do with breathing. Practicing yoga with breathing is what makes it different from physical exercise. And practice pranayama every session. Pranayama makes the body flexible and strong and mental health is also achieved. I do Shatkriya exercises every week It also plays an important role in purification of the body.

Yoga is most powerful when it changes the patient’s general health outlook, changing the emphasis from reactive to proactive health management. The yogic definition of health or “svastha” is when the functions of the body and mind are in harmony so that they can turn inward to reach the goal of Self-realization. In yogic terms, when you are really your “Self”, you are truly at “ease”. It is the loss of the Self that creates “dis-ease”. This is a bit different than the Western concept of health, which is often defined as “the absence of disease”. In contrast, the yogic concept is that “disease is the absence of vibrant health.” Accordingly, this way of thinking reaffirms the understanding that the nature of yoga is to find one’s eternal Self of health, peace and well-being.


  • Meditation Beginner-Intermediate

  • Yoga Therapy Beginner-Expert

  • Yoga for Disease Management Beginner-Intermediate

  • Yoga Asanas Beginner-Expert


  • Yoga teacher (Aug, 2022Present) at Lakulisha Yoga University,
  • Yoga instructor (Apr, 2022Present) at Pride fitness gym, Ahmedabad
  • Yoga therapist (Mar, 2022Present) at Akhandanand ayurveda hospital, Ahmedabad
  • Yoga instructor (Mar, 2022Present) at New body shape gym, Ahmedabad


  • Therapeutic yoga (Jul, 2020Jun, 2022) from Lakulish Yoga University, Ahemdabadscored A
  • Yoga and alternative therapy (Jan, 2020Jun, 2020) from DEV SANSKRITI VISHWAVIDYALAYA, Haridwarscored A

Fee details

    8,00010,000/month (US$97.24121.55/month)

    Class charges are depending on student, types of yog, place, travelling


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