Ignatius George Online Tutor for Math ( From 4th to 12th Grade )

Mr.George is a retired school teacher with about 30 years experience in teaching math.

He is now involved in giving online math tuition to students all over the world. Currently, he has online math students from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Oman, UAE, India and so on. He teaches students from 4th to 12th Grade .

Mr George is capable of making math concepts very simple, enjoyable, understandable and realistic to his students . He is much experienced and skillful in online tutoring too. He provides white boards, graph boards, writing tools, drawing tools, Skype sharing etc, while teaching. .

Mr George is an Indian by nationality. He was employed as a math teacher in Africa (Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Botswana) for about 20 years. He has adequate experience in teaching CBSE math syllabus too . While he was employed in India as a math teacher, he was an examiner of the CBSE examinations Board in New Delhi

Mr George has a lot of experience in teaching American based math, particularly, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry(Hons), Pre calculus, Trigonometry Calculus AB and BC .......He uses American based books and worksheets while teaching these subjects
He is also familiar with and experienced in teaching math syllabuses for CBSE, ICSE, GCSE, GCE, IGCSE, OCR, IB, PSAT, ACT SAT 2, Year 11 and 12, A & AS Levels ....

If you are interested in his profile, You can contact him by Skype or WhatsApp

Fee : US $ 7.00 - 10.00 depending on the class taught


  • Maths (Grade 4-Grade 12)

  • SAT Maths (Grade 10)

  • Geometry (Grade 8-Grade 9)

  • Precalculus (Grade 10)

  • IB Maths (Grade 6-Grade 10)

  • Algebra 2 (Grade 9)

  • PSAT (Grade 7-Grade 9)

  • ICSE Maths (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • ACT (Grade 7-Grade 9)

  • Trigonometry (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • Algebra 1 (Grade 8)

  • IB Math SL/HL (Grade 10-Grade 12)

  • AP Calculus AB & BC (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • GCSE Maths (Grade 7-Grade 12)

  • Pre Algebra (Grade 7)


  • Guest Lecturer (Jun, 2013 - Jun, 2015) at ST Sebastians Public School (CBSE), Peroor . KERALA state, INDIA
  • Online tutor for math (Jan, 2009 - Jan, 2019) at Wiziq
    Online Math Tutor. I have been involved in providing online tuition to school students all over the world. I teach students from 4th to 12th Grade
  • Head of Department of maths (Jan, 1996 - Jun, 2005) at Bosele Secondary School, Gaborone, BOTSWANA
  • Head of Department of maths (Jun, 1991 - Jun, 1993) at Mercy Memorial School, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur, INDIA (ICSE )
    Head of Department of Maths
  • Head of the Department of maths (Oct, 1982 - Dec, 1991) at Govt Secondaty School, Wurno, Sokoto State, NIGERIA
    Head of Dept of Math
  • Senior Math Teacher (Jan, 1980 - Aug, 1982) at ST Francis Secondaty School, Makeni, SIERRA LEONE
    Head of The Dept of maths


  • B.ED (Jun, 1975 - Jun, 1976) from Department of Math, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State, India- scored 1
  • M.Sc (Jun, 1971 - Jun, 1973) from Awadhesh Pratap Singh University Rewa, ( M.P ), India- scored 1
  • B.Sc (Jun, 1968 - Jul, 1971) from Department of Math, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala State, India- scored I

Fee details

    500-800/hour (US$6.62-10.59/hour)

    payment can be done through Pay pal or by Bank transfer


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