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My name is Nicholas D’Alessandro and I am a third year medical student. I am dedicated to helping others learn and making sure that the student can fully understand the concepts that we review. My goal is that the student will be able to explain to me by the end of our sessions the processes or concepts that we review. I am flexible and able to accommodate a busy schedule. I like to tailor my sessions to how the student prefers to learn while incorporating necessary study methodology and materials that are available.

I have been tutoring now for two years at my school for students in their first two years of medical school. I was recommended to a tutoring program at CUNY School of Medicine, by one of my professors, where I also now tutor students in the BS/MD combined program.

Last year, I was able to successfully prepare for and pass on my first try STEP 1 on June 3rd, 2022. I also will also offer STEP 1 preparation tips and study methods as well as help throughout STEP studying.

I am also bilingual in English and Spanish and can tutor in either when necessary.


  • Spanish Beginner-Expert

  • Medicine Doctorate/PhD

  • Cardiology Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD

  • Pulmonology medicine Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD

  • Physiology (Medical) Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD

  • Renal medicine Grade 11-Doctorate/PhD


  • Tutor (Aug, 2022Present) at CUNY School of Medicine
    I am currently a tutor for the Organ Systems class at CUNY School of Medicine.
  • Tutor (Aug, 2021Present) at San Juan Bautista School of Medicine Caguas, PR
    I am currently a tutor for various classes in medical school such as Physiology, Histology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology as well as offering study tips and also help with STEP 1 prep.


  • MD (Aug, 2020now) from San Juan Bautista School of Medicine
  • Bachelor's of Science (Aug, 2013May, 2017) from University of Vermont

Fee details

    US$2040/day (US$2040/day)

    Depending on what subjects we will be covering


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