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There is no one best teaching style. Effective teachers use a variety of styles, and they know how and when to choose the most appropriate one for the specific situation. In essence, the three teaching styles boil down to this:

Direct — Tell students what to do
Discuss — Ask questions and listen
Delegate — Empower students
I typically structure each of my classes to include some amount of each teaching style. However, during the first part of a semester I use more of the directing style. In the middle part of a semester I typically rely more on the discussing style. And in the latter part of a semester I generally lean more heavily on the delegating style.

Using an appropriate mix of teaching styles helps students learn, grow, and become more independent. Too much reliance on one style causes students to lose interest and become overly dependent on the teacher.


  • Biology (A level)

  • Chemistry A level & AS level

  • Chemistry (10th Class)


  • Manager (Jul, 2001Present) at NFC


  • MSc Hons (Oct, 1989now) from university of agriculture Faisalabad pakistan

Fee details

    Rs20,00050,000/month (US$74.64186.60/month)


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