Kopperla Savitha Meditation Trainer with 13 years exp
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Meditation Techniques, how different techniques work, How to get rid of stress and live a healthy and blissful life.. Simple techniques with powerful results..Get rid of fear.. Overcome Sleeping issues..attain Inner peace.. Body flexibility.. working with energies..
Students can focus more on studies, activate dormant brain cells allowing left brain and right brain to function at a time so that both memory and analytical skills develop.. Understand the connection with nature..Heal themselves with energy..
Professionals can overcome stress.. enjoying life..
Elders can learn to overcome loneliness, taking opportunity of retirement to learn spirituality, overcome health issues


  • Meditation and Mindful living Beginner-Expert


  • Mindfulness trainer (Mar, 2022Present) at IBM


  • Guidance of GURU (Jun, 2009Dec, 2009) from Pyramid Spiritual Society

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    50100/hour (US$0.601.20/hour)


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