Yuvraj singh dhakar Excel data cleaning
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Ensures master data integrity in key systems as well as maintaining and cleansing data in preparation for data migration. Supporting the implementation of the SAP system through data migration. Data cleansing, also referred to as data cleaning or data scrubbing, is the process of fixing incorrect, incomplete, duplicate or otherwise erroneous data in a data set. It involves identifying data errors and then changing, updating or removing data to correct them. An Excel expert handles records through internal systems for a company. In this career, you set up and maintain extensive databases with Microsoft Excel. You create pivot tables, review data sets, implement complex searches, and provide analytical recommendations based off of the information you have gathered.


  • Excel Intermediate


No experience mentioned.


  • B.tech (Dec, 2021now) from National Institute of Technology Silchar

Fee details

    300500/hour (US$3.595.99/hour)

    Excel data cleaning, data sorting, data entry


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